Live from Pubcon: Twitter Landscape – Hot Topics and Trends

By Janet Driscoll Miller | Nov 10, 2009
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The first session I attended today was a panel of Twitter experts covering the latest information about how Twitter is being used and new developments and advice for how businesses can use Twitter.

Warren Whitlock

First up was Warren Whitlock who, while he had a “minimalized” presentation featuring mostly simple graphics, communicated a strong message about really focusing on listening and communicating with those that communicate with you. Warren is the author of the book Twitter Revolution.

Dan Zarrella

Next up was Dan Zarrella of Hubspot. Dan recently did some in depth research regarding how tweets get retweeted. Dan emphasized that retweets can help get you more followers, so there are some important things to know to get your tweets retweeted:

  • 75% of retweets have a link in them, so use a link!
  • is the most commonly retweeted url shortener, but a key is to use the shortest url shortener you can. The longer the url in the shortener, the less likely it was retweeted.
  • The top ten most retweeted words are:
    • you
    • twitter
    • please
    • retweet
    • post
    • blog
    • social
    • free
    • media
    • help
  • The top ten least retweeted words are:
    • game
    • going
    • haha
    • lol
    • but
    • watching
    • work
    • home
    • night
    • bed

To see the entire study, you can download it at

Chris Winfield

Next up was Chris Winfield of 10e20. Chris expressed that Twitter is just a communication tool — so communicate with it! Chris likes to use Twitter for answering questions for a variety of reasons:

  • Write a column or blog post (he got 275 responses to a question in 90 minutes)
  • Find out who will be at an event so you can meet up (like Pubcon!)
  • Find out more about your followers
  • Accomplish tasks, like connecting with reporters for PR

Some tips Chris shared for asking questions:

  • Add some mystery to your tweets
  • Ask qualified questions people can answer, like “Does anyone think automated DMs work?”
  • Make the communication two way — respond back

Chris also suggested using polls, and he mentioned the Polldaddy tool as one option.

Kate Morris

Last up was Kate Morris of Marketing Demons. Kate started by covering the many changes going on with Twitter — even in the past month. Some things that Kate covered that businesses should be considering when integrating Twitter into business are:

  • Brand development
  • Word of mouth influence
  • Specials
  • Coupons

The most powerful thing Kate said, in my opinion, was “Be the change in your industry.” She encouraged companies to get involved in Twitter — because your customers are likely talking about you! Get involved.

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