Live from SES Chicago: Day 3 Keynote- Google's Maile Ohye

By Mark Browner | Oct 21, 2010
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Day 3 of SES Chicago began with a keynote speech from Maile Ohye,  Senior Developer Programs Engineer at Google. This was played out very similarly to a Question and Answer session. A few of highlights were:

Google TVWhat is Google TV? This is something that has occupied Ohye’s life for the past several months. It is a combination of a TV and a computer. Everything is going to be blended, so if you do a search for a TV show you will get results for when it is on TV and what channel it is on, the show’s information page, and where you can stream it (immediately for Google TVs).

What is the effect of Google Instant? Google Instant is having more of an effect on the end-user. Impressions have been increasing for the end- user because there are now 5-7 queries for what used to be 1 query before Google Instant launched. Ohye feels that Google Instant is going to make the end-user more search savvy. Google Instant uses auto complete (previously Google Suggest) which has been around for several years, so there is not a change to the ranking algorithm.

Should websites focus on getting feedback? User generated content can be very effective for e-commerce sites. If there are product reviews, it will help increase customer purchases. When allowing user feedback, reputation management is very important.

What is the best way to describe linking? Links are valuable because they bring traffic to your site. While having an older site with an established domain does help, it is possible to perform well with a new site through accumulation of links.  If you build buzz and your site and start getting links, you may start to rank immediately.

What is Caffeine? This has nothing to do with ranking. It was a major infrastructure change allowing Google to process documents much more quickly and efficiently. Google estimated that its indexing would be 50% faster under Caffeine.

Is page speed a factor? The loading speed of a page is definitely a factor. When page speed is faster, users are happier so Google does consider this. The faster the site is, the higher your page rank will be.

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