Lower Carbon Emissions-One Step at a Time

By Catherine Potts | May 24, 2007
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co2 Emmissions-Snap.com
Image Courtesy Snap.com

Snap.com (a search technologies firm) released a new application toward the end of April of this year to help the little guy alleviate carbon (CO2) emissions. Their new CO2 Saver Toolbar helps you manage and track of the energy output of your laptop or desktop computer.

As reviewd by Treehugger this application is:

…designed to minimize your ecological output. this application adds no real functionality — all of the settings can be changed through the normal power options in most operating systems. On the other hand, though, it does drive home the idea that our use of home electronics has consequences for the climate. Like the gas mileage displays in most hybrid vehicles, applications like the CO2 Saver could spur our sense of competition with ourselves to further lower our emissions…

Personal computers and laptops come with some sort of a power saving application already installed in the operating system, but this CO2 Saver application brings the user in on the usage.

Image Courtesy Snap.com

CO2 Used
Image Courtesy Snap.com

The Windows Power Management is adjusted once the application is installed and goes to work reducing the carbon emissions while the computer is idle. There are some adjustments the user can make to personalize use. Of course, just shutting down your computer can save a ton more than letting it go idle for too long. This is just a little thing you can do in the ever-growing list of “green” ideas to help save the earth from human gross abuse.

I think that although any effort to reduce carbon emissions is a good thing, you can’t really do much better than a.) not having carbon emissions at all or b.) planting a tree or two (like Dell supposedly does) to absorb the CO2 you emit.

I have installed the CO2 Saver on my laptop and will report in future postings regarding its results. Hopefully I’m not a huge offender. Heck, with the amount of trees around where I live, my CO2 emissions account should be WAY in the black, don’t you think?

Click on the links for a more comprehensive read on air pollution and CO2 in the Earth’s Atmosphere.

Annual Carbon Emissions by Region

Courtesty Wikipedia

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