Marketo User Summit 2012: Are You Getting The Most Out Of Google Analytics?

By Janet Driscoll Miller | May 24, 2012
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The Search Mojo marketing team and I are out in San Francisco this week attending and exhibiting at the Marketo User Summit. There are several sessions here that the team and I will blog about, because they directly relate to search and search measurement. The first session I covered today was “Are You Getting The Most Out Of Google Analytics?”, featuring Adam Singer, now with Google’s Analytics division and formerly with Lewis PR and Top Rank Marketing.

Adam started by emphasizing that companies should focus on the end goal, not just KPIs. Set up goals! Hook up your Google AdWords data with your Analytics as well, and also connect Google Webmaster Tools to Analytics for even greater insights. He shared this very funny video:

Social reports are fairly new and offer lots of great info about social visitors. Google continues to enhance these reports, focusing on making the reports: comprehensive, comparable, accessible, and actionable.

In social reports, you can see streams from social and social actions. Social actions show links to your site, which can help you track inbound links for SEO. Also be sure to set up social plugins, which help provide a better understanding of how your site content is shared on social networks. Social visitor flow shows how visitors from social networks interact with your site.

Many marketers are only looking at “last click” attribution. But what converts a customer is more than just the last interaction. Google found that on average it takes 4.5 interactions for someone to convert. Use multi-channel funnels to see a more comprehensive look at all of the steps on the customer’s conversion journey.

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