Maximize the Synergy of PPC and SEO (Part 1 of 2)

By Lauren Kade | Aug 16, 2011
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“You don’t have paid goals and organic goals – you have Search goals.” – Josh Palau, razorfish

A few weeks ago I attended the webinar, “Maximize the Synergy of PPC and SEO: How to Manage Paid and Organic Search Together.”  In case you missed it, here’s a summary of the findings:

The speaker for the first part of the webinar is Tim Wadell, Director of Product Marketing for Adobe’s Omniture Business Unit.  He’ll give us an overview of integrated search engine marketing.

Why is it Important to Manage PPC & SEO Together?

  • attain keyword recommendations based on organic search performance
  • optimize PPC bids using organic rank scenarios
  • improve share of voice and total conversions with integration

Some Statistics on the Benefits:

  • 62% of consumers can’t tell the difference between an organic and paid listing
  • In a study done by Search Engine Land, integrating organic and paid search saw an increase in conversion rate by 25%

By integrating paid and organic search, you can use the combined data to accomplish your goals.  Say your goal is to dominate the first page for a certain keyword.  Look at the data.  If you’re ranking well organically, then you don’t need to spend as much money through PPC trying to rank for that keyword, since you’re already being seen organically.  Now you can allocate more PPC budget towards keywords where you’re not ranking organically on the first page.  Using this strategy, you can optimize for higher total conversions across both mediums.

While some of this would seem common sense, I found this strategy intriguing.  I feel like many people separate their PPC and SEO efforts completely, and this shows that it can be extremely beneficial to integrate the two and use the combined performance data to make strategic decisions.  The ultimate goal is almost always to increase conversions, so this could be a new strategy towards increasing conversions while keeping costs down.  Soon I’ll publish the second part of this post, reviewing the 7 steps to balance paid and organic search, but if you can’t wait, or if you’d like to view the webinar for yourself, you can register and watch it on demand here.

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