Maximizing Enterprise SEO: Live from SMX East

By Casey Davenport | Oct 4, 2012
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Live from New York, its SMX East!

Sorry guys, I have been holding back from saying that all week. Finding success with Enterprise SEO can differ from that of smaller scale SEO operations because it depends on the participation of many internal stakeholders (IT, Marketing, etc).  This morning John Carcutt, Director of SEO and Social Media, Advance Digital discussed how best to overcome the organizational challenges of SEO at an enterprise level.

John stressed that the most important thing to understand with SEO is that building relationships is the key to success.  He believes if you can’t communicate the value of a project and empathize with coworkers, there is a chance they won’t actually implement it.

Understand Stakeholder Goals

He says it is critical to understand stakeholders goals and what they are trying to accomplish with their projects.  A good way to looking at internal teams is to view them as clients. There is no reason that the activities that keep clients happy and coming back to agencies should not work for “internal clients” as well.  Carcutt recommends doing monthly reporting that is geared toward internal clients so that they understand you are making a difference.  Dealing with agencies, you have to have results. You have to make sure the work you’re doing is driving results.  If you want to get your SEO goals accomplished, there is no reason that working with internal teams should be any different.

Show Stakeholders Why

Educating stakeholders is key.  The more that people understand WHY they are being asked to do more work, the more likely they will have the internal motivation to complete these tasks.  Explain to the IT department why it is important to put rel=”next” and  rel = “prev” tags on the pages instead of simply handing them the assignment.

The Key to Succeed in Enterprise SEO

If a person doesn’t have the skills to communicate the value, then he is missing a core part of what he needs to do as an enterprise SEO. Carcutt left us with a final point – if you can convince your co-workers to ask you to create more work for them, then that is the key to maximizing enterprise SEO.

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