MOJO MINUTE: 6 Things to Consider for Your 2014 Digital Marketing Budget

By Kari Rippetoe | Oct 23, 2013
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planning your marketing budgetIt’s really hard to believe we’re already winding down another year. 2013 has been an exciting year in digital marketing, with new and growing opportunities in search, social media and content marketing. 4 in 10 global marketers reallocated their budgets to digital marketing in 2013, and 2 in 3 CMOs shifted 25% or more of their budgets to it this year.

Why the big shift to digital marketing? According to Accenture, CMOs feel the “game-changing” nature of digital warrants a radical change in their organizations’ structure, and their ability to deliver “seamless and relevant customer experiences across all touch points all day and every day”  is absolutely essential to their survival. So, in a nutshell, “Go digital or die.”

As 2013 starts to wrap up, you may now be in the planning stages for 2014. In tomorrow’s webinar “Planning and Budgeting for Digital Marketing Success in the New Year,” Search Mojo’s Janet Driscoll Miller and Sean McCusty will guide you through what you should be including in your digital marketing budget, as well as best practices for digital marketing allocation, and preparing yourself to get buy-in.

In this week’s Mojo Minute, Janet reviews the top 6 channels to consider for your 2014 digital marketing budget, which she’ll be covering in greater detail during the webinar:

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