New Ad Placements on Google AdWords

By Janet Driscoll Miller | Nov 3, 2011
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Yesterday the Google AdWords blog, Inside AdWords, announced that Google has officially rolled out a new area for ad placement on the search results page. Ads will now show on the bottom of the page as well as the top and side:


Check out the official announcement for more details.

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  • Seems a bit pointless. If someone scrolls all the way down to the bottom, then the first page of results doesn’t have the answer they’re looking for, in which case it’s highly probable the ad won’t suit their needs either.
    Besides, although the ad may be rendered by the browser, as it’s below the fold, it won’t always be viewed will it?

    • Good point. However Google is saying that the click through rate on those ads is very high — higher than the ads on the right. I expect it’s because the shading on the ads is so light that it maks the ads look like organic results 11 and 12.