New and Improved Google News for Mobile

By Amanda Sides | Nov 23, 2009
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The Google Mobile Blog released some great news about an update to mobile search last week: a new and improved version of Google News for mobile. Google wants to have a “consistent user experience across products and devices,” so they’ve taken the feedback about Google News for mobile and created a completely new version.

Google News iPhone Screen Shot

The updated Google News is available for iPhone, Android, and Palm Pre users. Google had previously optimized Google News for Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and S60; improvements can be expected in the near future for these devices as well.

Here are some features of the new and improved Google News for mobile:

-More consistent with desktop version
-More stories and sources on the homepage
-Find favorite sections, and browse new ones with less clicks
-Available in 29 languages
-Available in 70 editions

Google News

When you look at the Google News Frontpage, you will notice that you can scroll down the page to find different sections that have their own top news results confined within each. To quickly navigate to a section of interest, you can simply click the “Jump to” link and a screen with a list of categories/sections pops up (this page can be customized) so you can easily select a section and skip down to it, without all the scrolling and searching.

If you are an existing Google News reader on desktop, you will find that all of your personalizations are honored in this mobile version too.-Google Mobile Blog

For more information and updates regarding Google Mobile, please visit Google Mobile Product

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