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By Amanda Sides | Aug 6, 2010
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Google recently announced the release of Image Search Ads.  You may already be using Google AdWords for traditional PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising, and may personally use Google Image Search, but now the two are coming together to produce Google Image Search Ads.

What they are…

So what exactly are Image Search Ads? Image Search Ads are ads that will show for relevant searches performed within the Google Images site.  As an advertiser, you would be able to target those searching for the keywords you are using, showing a relevant ad, just as you would in regular Google Search, but accompanied by an image.

How to start using them…

First things first, in your existing Google AdWords account, be sure you check  your Campaign Settings and verify that the campaign in question is opted into the Search Network.  Go to your Ads tab, and where you would normally select New Ad > Text Ad Builder, you’ll want toselect New Ad > Display Ad Builder.  Next, select Templates for search in the category list, then choose the Image Search Ad template.

Now you will be able to complete the form provided with the requested information, as well as upload the image that you’d like to show alongside this particular ad.  This Image Ad creation process gives you the ability to preview your ad, which is convenient and assures you that the new ad will appear as desired.

Google AdWords Help suggests creating a new ad group, specifically devoted to using Image Ads, to give you an increased ability to target keywords, adjust bids, and track your performance for these ads separately.  It is also recommended to include a large version of the image shown with your ad on the ad’s designated landing page.

How they can help you…

For the same reasons you use traditional ads in Google Search, you can use Google Image Search Ads to target searchers with specific keywords, a relevant ad that includes an image (since they are looking for an image, being that they are using Google Image Search…), and takes them to a relevant landing page that clearly includes the image they were looking for.  This is a relatively new practice, so you will be one of the few who are using Google Image Search Ads.  Not to mention, these ads are likely to increase your Click-Through Rate (CTR), since the ads are at the top of the results, with a colored background denoting it is a sponsored search result.  The thumbnail image will have ad text adjacent to it, giving the searcher a better idea of what to expect once they click on the image provided.


Have you started using Google Image Search Ads?  If yes, what results have you seen?  If not yet, what are some of the things holding you back?  Give us your feedback on Twitter: @SearchMojo or @amandadchaney

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