New Year Brings New Change for Search Mojo

By Janet Driscoll Miller | Jan 2, 2014
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The beginning of a new year is an exciting time — full of hope and anticipation of the prosperity to come. It’s also a time for introspection – a time when we take a look at ourselves and evaluate how we can continually improve ourselves on our path.

It’s no different for us at Search Mojo. Every year our company takes a look back in December, evaluating our performance from the previous year. What went right? What went wrong? What challenges do we face moving forward, and how do we plan to face them?

As an agency, we’ve also been on a path of change that’s been evolving for several years. When we launched Search Mojo eight years ago, our primary focus was solely search engine marketing. Why did we focus in this one marketing channel? Our main goal then, and now, is to provide the most effective and measurable results for clients. It’s so integral to our approach that it’s part of our company core values:

  • At our heart, we are a data company.
  • Innovation is key to our success.
  • We sincerely care about our customers and want them to win.

In the beginning, search engine marketing was clearly the most effective and measurable marketing channel to help our clients achieve their desired goals. But over time, with both changes to search and new platforms and channels like social media emerging, new opportunities emerged that provided new avenues for measurable client success.

About two years ago, Search Mojo began expanding our service footprint to include additional marketing channels, such as social media advertising. Social media advertising provided us with strong demographic targeting capabilities which had long been lacking in search marketing. Did adding social media advertising seemingly change our original path? To some degree it did, but in other ways it did not. We asked ourselves, “Why did we focus on search marketing in the beginning?” The answer:  we originally chose to focus in the search marketing area because it was effective and measurable. If new opportunities and platforms arose that could further that goal, didn’t we have a responsibility to follow them to help our clients succeed? Channels like social media began to augment our current offering, and we recognized great success for clients by combining the best of social media advertising with the best of search marketing and we continue to integrate these channels today.

Following these new opportunities, however, left us with a conundrum. The Search Mojo brand no longer adequately told the story of our company and our focus. I personally struggled with this brand conflict. On the one hand, I loved our Search Mojo brand. Many people complimented us over the years on the company name. But on the other hand, it no longer served our company in the way a brand should — communicating our value and focus.

Today we launch a new era for Search Mojo as our brand is reborn as Marketing Mojo. Our new brand is designed to more effectively communicate what we REALLY do: effective demand generation through digital channels. We’ve launched a new tagline to communicate this focus more clearly: Digital Innovation for Demand Generation. We believe that our revised brand will help truly communicate who our company is and what we focus on. It purposefully includes words from our core values to reflect our focus on digital innovation and always striving to find the right answer for each client.

Today is an exciting day for us here at the new Marketing Mojo. We’ve shed the constraints that the Search Mojo brand held, but we emerge as a company with a renewed enthusiasm for demand generation success. At our heart, that’s probably who we always were. Now our brand reflects that too.

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