Nonprofits Getting More Google Exposure Through the Knowledge Graph

By Sarah Lokitis | Jun 4, 2013
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Last week, Michelle shared some updates with Google+’s most used feature – Hangouts. This week I wanted to share how Google+ is tying itself into search results even more as it continues to grow and develop. Both this post and Michelle’s post show how Google has continued to combine Google+ with other Google products to allow users to get more relevant information faster.

If you aren’t already familiar with the Knowledge Graph, it is how Google attempts to “answer questions you never thought to ask” after you submit a search query. The Knowledge Graph appears in the upper right hand corner of the first page of search results and doesn’t yet appear for all queries. Google has an extensive program for nonprofits, which includes the Google Grants program and YouTube for Nonprofits, so it makes sense that they would want to continue to promote nonprofits to the best of their ability in organic search. On Google+, it was recently announced that the Knowledge Graph will further support searches for nonprofit organizations:

Google+ announces Knowledge Graph updates for Nonprofits

Now, when you search for some nonprofits on Google, it will show additional details about the nonprofit, like the Wikipedia definition, Tax ID #, Founder, Assets and Tax Code. Also, recent Google+ posts may be displayed. With this prominent display of the Google+ page, nonprofits have the ability to leverage their page for growth and support of their campaigns right from the search results pages by allowing someone to quickly learn about the organization and then immediately join the conversation.

NPR - Google's Knowledge Graph

Not all nonprofits are available in Knowledge Graph; however, those who are actively posting and engaging on Google+ and who have verified their page have a greater potential to have a more substantial Knowledge Graph. This is also true for non-501(c)3, for-profit companies, so start consistently updating your Google+ page – it will pay off!

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