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By Chris Wilson | Jul 19, 2010
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Three months ago, almost to the day, I started my new job.  I had been searching for a small business engulfed in technology with a little pizazz and style.  I touched base with one of my old professors from college and she mentioned that I look online at Search Mojo.  A month later I walked in for an interview and something just felt right.  Immediately one could see the drive and passion each employee had for their job.  The blend of personalities along with the friendliness of each employee helps to create the culture that is so apparent at Search Mojo.

My Desk

Well, a few weeks later I found myself sitting at a desk with an adjacent orange wall, a HUGE monitor and all the tech stuff a geek could ever hope for (see picture).  I had accepted the position for the new Director of Technology at Search Mojo.

My roles here range from helpdesk-related troubleshooting to developing and maintaining our internal applications.  However, my favorite aspect of the position is the internal consulting with the other employees to help create services to streamline our processes.

So now I’m sure you’re like “Who is this guy?” so I’ll give you a glimpse into that.  I graduated from James Madison University with an undergraduate degree in Integrated Science & Technology (ISAT).  Sounds crazy, right?  I know, just think of it as a math/science major with a focus in technology.  I stayed around and completed my MBA.  While in grad school I had an internship that eventually turned into a job.  I got married, moved out of my hometown, bought a golden retriever, moved to a house and now I’m here.  Yeah, some other stuff happened in there as well but that’s the quick version.

Now you have a glimpse of what I do and where I’ve been.  It’s a blessing to be here at Search Mojo and I’m looking forward to adding as much value as I can.  Being from the technology-side of things, most of my blog posts will be technology-related or focused on integrating technology into business.  Those are really my two passions – improving efficiency/ streamlining and anything dealing with technology.  Don’t worry, I’ll limit “geek-speak” and try to make everything as straightforward as possible in all my posts.  I definitely try to follow the “KISS” principle.  Catch you in the next post!


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