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By Tad Miller | Jan 20, 2013
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Hi, I’m Tad, and I’m a credit card rewards Junkie.  I have a history of paying for everything I possibly can with my rewards cards just to maximize my cash back rewards.  The credit card companies write paragraphs in their Terms and Conditions to limit the maximum amount of money or rewards they have to pay out to to people like me each year.  I’ve been known to hit these yearly reward caps as early as October.  So I know a thing or two about playing the rewards game.

Last week as I called American Express to clear up an unauthorized charge on one of my cards I drew a customer service representative who almost seemed obsessed with the idea of up-selling me to upgrade my business credit card, and he almost had me convinced, based on one feature of the card he was trying to sell me on.  I had never heard of a business credit card that gives rewards points specifically for advertising expenses.

American Express Business Rewards Gold

American Express Business Rewards Gold

But, sure enough, the American Express Business Gold Rewards Card gives 2 credit card rewards points for every dollar spent for up to $100,000 of purchases:

2 points for advertising purchases in the U.S. to promote your business in the following media channels: online, TV and radio

With this card you can use your companies rewards on online advertising to:

  • Offset core business expenses like advertising, shipping, office supplies, annual Card fees, and more.
  • Thank your employees with travel, events, or gift cards.
  • Use points to purchase ads on Facebook.
  • Use Membership Rewards® Pay with Points to fly any airline, anytime with no blackout dates or seat restrictions when booking through the American Express Travel site.

That’s right, you could potentially use your rewards you earned advertising on Google AdWords or Facebook Advertising to purchase even more advertising on Facebook.

In my research, I’ve only found one other comparable business rewards credit card that can offer comparable rewards for purchases on online advertising.  The Capital One Spark Cash for Business Card offers 2% Cash Back on all purchases (including online advertising).

Capital One Spark Cash for Business Card

Capital One Spark Cash for Business Card

Both of these credit cards require that the card holders and businesses that hold them have excellent credit.  You need to read all of the fine print on the terms and conditions.  The American Express Business Gold Rewards card requires that rewards earned for online advertising be for advertising for your own company, so it’s not really an option for Search Advertising Agencies that pay for their clients advertising  and invoice their clients.

There are millions of online advertisers in the US and my bet is that most of them aren’t receiving any credit card rewards to do so.  It doesn’t have to be that way…

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