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By Sarah Lokitis | Nov 18, 2011
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Pinterest BoardI’ll admit, I’m obsessed with Pinterest. I have six boards about animals, events, food, home design, quotes and things I love. It’s a great way to share recipes and do it yourself crafts, along with images of dream weddings, vacations and homes! I had just used Pinterest as a fun way to relax and share images with friends until the question arose – does Pinterest have value for SEO?

“Pinterest is a virtual pinboard;” a social bookmark tool for images organized into category-specific boards. You can pin things yourself by clicking on a “Pin It” button or by adding the URL to an image. Also, you can repin something from another user, spreading the image and link to your followers. Sharing these images has the potential for your content to gain backlinks to your site. Currently, Pinterest has the ability to post and share on Facebook and Twitter, which could increase the number of backlinks.

Based on my exploration of the site, products and images around weddings, crafts, food, travel and fashion make up the majority of pins, however vehicles and architecture are popular as well. The graph below from shows almost all of the links on Pinterest are followed links, demonstrating the potential SEO benefit. Although the value of one link is unknown, Google and Bing are using more social signals as ranking factors and may include Pinterest link juice as a new tool for measurement.

Pinterest Follow Links

When users click the images, they are directed to the original photo source. If nothing else, Pinterest may drive traffic back to your site.

Pinterest for Business

Pinterest does not allow business pages at this time, so focusing on sharing your images and content should be the goal. Adding the “Pin It” button near images on your website is very simple and will promote sharing. Having the “Pin It” button also reminds your users to pin the photos.

The easiest way to start using Pinterest for content marketing is to create a Pinterest account for yourself and start pinning your own content to your boards, and follow other users who are interested in the same types of products. Too much self-promotion on Pinterest is not preferred, so share other types of content your users would find interesting.

Pin It Button for Websites

Joining the +1, tweet and Facebook share buttons, is the ‘Pin It’ button. If you have images of your products on your website, the ‘Pin It’ button should be added next to any and all images on your site.

Pinterest Pin It Button

The Pinterest button can be added by going here and filling in the form shown above with the website and a brief description of the image.  Pinterest recommends placing the Pin It button next to the other social sharing buttons on your website.

For websites with multiple images, use the advanced code and place the button near the correlating image.

Pinterest is still in an invite-only beta phase, but I predict Pinterest will only continue to take off. It is funded by several entrepreneurs and businesses, but has yet to discover an obvious revenue model. Have you checked it out? If you would like an invite, let me know. Comment below, find me on Twitter @Lokitis, or find me on Google+ +Sarah Lokitis  to share your thoughts!

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