3 Steps to Being Proactive, Not Reactive, with your SEO Strategy

By Nicole Bandy | Jan 22, 2014
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Sometimes companies treat SEO like a race, in the sense that many seem to be focused on being #1 or beating a competitor. I’m a competitive person and I believe it is important to track natural search competitors; however, in order to have a winning SEO strategy, you must be proactive, not reactive, to your competition. A good SEO strategy focuses on reaching your desired audience and bringing something of value to them that answers their questions. You want to grow website traffic in a meaningful way that drives conversions and sales.

Why should you have a proactive SEO strategy?

Having a proactive SEO strategy will make you more resilient to changes in the competitive environment. Once you start analyzing your competitors, it is easy to be thrown off track by their successes. A competitor may rank well on a particular keyword, but that doesn’t mean that ranking on that keyword is right for your company. Remember what you want to accomplish and avoid focusing on things that don’t help you get there.

Steps to a proactive SEO strategy:

  1. Analyze your company’s strengths and differentiators. Be sure that your appearance and messaging on the SERPs (search engine result pages) convey these strengths by analyzing meta descriptions, title tags and any schema markup.
  2. Determine your audience and their search motivations. Who is your desired audience and how will they be using search to find your company? This means your keyword choices should be based on the searcher’s intent and how to best reach the audience you’ve chosen.
  3. Don’t stop tracking your competitors. Finally, develop competitor tracking methods to use as a benchmark and to find any gaps that may be opportunities to take advantage of.

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