Recapping the Top SEM Blog Posts by Search Mojo in 2009

By Paige Payne | Jan 12, 2010
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In case you may have missed a few, here is a month-to-month recap of Search Mojo’s most popular search engine marketing blog posts during 2009:

January – Social Media and SEO: Does Social Media Really Make an Impact? By Janet Driscoll Miller

Kicking off 2009, Janet recapped the explosive growth in social media over the course of 2008.  She then went on to discuss the findings of a test conducted by Search Mojo with what implementations the growth had shown for SEO to date (January 2009). Read More.

(For more up-to-date news on how social media is impacting search results be sure to check out a more recent post by Janet, “Get your “Caffeine” Fix with the New Google.“)

February – Best Way to Use the Google Search-Based Keyword Tool for SEO By Janet Driscoll Miller

Janet explains how she had recently read several blog posts touting how valuable the Google Search-Based Keyword Tool is, and while she tends to agree, she think there are very specific uses for this tool as opposed to the Google AdWords External Keyword Tool. Janet went on to examine how the two tools differ. Read more.

March- SES New York: Preview of the New Google AdWords Interface By Amanda Chaney

Live blogging from SES New York, Amanda was one of the first to report on the features that changed in the Google AdWords interface when Google released a preview at the conference in March. Read More.

April- To May 2009 College Grads: How to Land a Search Marketing Job By Janet Driscoll Miller

Janet shared how she hHow to Land a Search Marketing Jobad the pleasure of attending a sort of career fair day at her alma mater, and how she was really pleased to see the talent graduating soon. But she noticed how some soon-to-be-grads could present themselves better to potential employers.

She goes on to advise SEM job seekers — “I’m about to give you the keys to the kingdom. If you want a leg up on your competition, take notes!! Here are some pointers to getting a search marketing job, based on many resumes I see regularly.” Read More.

May – Need A Job? You Might Need to Google Bomb Yourself. By Avelyn Austin

Just in time for college graduation, Avelyn covered a unique way in which college graduates can differentiate themselves in one of the toughest job markets to date. Avelyn explained the principle behind the Google bomb and went on to discuss its application for college graduates – or anyone looking for a job. Read More.

June – Why Bing Will FAIL MSN By Tad Miller

At the time of this post, MSN’s latest round of re-branding was beginning to play out for Advertisers.  At the start of this post, it was evident that Tad was hopeful for the what the new improved MSN could potentially bring to the table for advertisers.

Tad shed light on a few of his previous experiences with MSN that had given him hope. One experience in particular addressed how, “Historically MSN had always delivered a fraction of traffic for our PPC advertiser clients, yet, often times that little slice of traffic is the highest converting PPC traffic we get.”

Tad soon switches gears and shares that what he had hoped for did not come to fruition!  Read More.


July – The Ultimate Secret to Writing Deliverable PPC Ad Copy By Amanda ChaneyWhat the Flock Is This?

During the month of Independence, Amanda blogged about an article she found (Writing PPC Ad Copy That Delivers: 6 Best Practices) by David Rodnitzky in this past spring’s Search Marketing Standard which gave what she considered some great “best practices” when working with PPC ad copy. Read More.

August –4 Ways to Manage Social Media By Renee Revetta

As social media continued to evolve in August, Renee pointed out that tools that help monitor social media are always updating and evolving.  She went on to comment, “It’s sometimes a challenge to keep up!So to make your job a little easier, here are my reactions and reviews of four social media management tools. Some that I’ve used include Flock, Digsby, and TweetDeck. Here’s my take..” Read More.

September- 6 Tips for a Positive Social Media ROI By Kaitlyn Smeland Dhanaliwala

Naked Pizza Twitter billboard

Kaitlyn first heard about the New Orleans pizzeria Naked Pizza in a post by David Wilson, which detailed an extreme way in which the small business had started using Twitter.

Kaitlyn went on to propose that while, “Naked Pizza uses only a billboard sign outside its physical location to push its Twitter account (shown in the picture to the left), you many not have to whitewash your own storefront just yet.  Naked Pizza is a small business focused on a very local market.  But there are a few social media lessons that businesses of all sizes can learn from Naked Pizza.” Read More.

October- Why Your Company Needs a Google Profile By Tad Miller

With the release of Google Social Search, Tad not only discussed the basics of Google Profiles and how they work for individuals, but also the importance of these implementations for companies and what companies need to do to start showing up in Social Search results. Read More.

champagne_toast Pre 2010 Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) Checklist

November – Pre 2010 Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) Checklist By Avelyn Austin

Winding down 2009, Avelyn brought to everyone’s attention that, “Believe it or not it’s time to start wrapping up 2009 and get prepped for an exciting 2010!  So what does that mean for you and your pay per click advertising (PPC) accounts?  It means it’s time to start checking off you end of the year to do list. To help you out, here’s a list of PPC To Dos before you go toasting champagne and screaming “Happy New Year!!!”…” Read More.

December – Two Must-Have Plugins When Using WordPress for Landing Pages By Janet Driscoll Miller

Janet closed the year addressing specially designed landing pages for PPC campaigns. How that, “Most of the time, we have all of the flexibility we need to follow landing page best practices and create A/B tests. But what if your website is based in WordPress?

More and more companies have turned to WordPress as a type of basic content management system (CMS) for their websites. However, while WordPress can be a useful tool for allowing many people within an organization to update a website without much HTML knowledge, WordPress often can limit the flexibility you have as well.

However, there are ways to follow best practices for landing pages and get the flexibility you want for landing page testing. Here are my two must-have plugins if you want to test and create best practices with your WordPress-based landing pages..” Read more.

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