Remarketing: Is It Aliens? [VIDEO]

By Kari Rippetoe | Nov 20, 2013
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Remarketing or Aliens?According to recent data from Chango, remarketing is certainly becoming more and more of a standard digital marketing tactic, but there are definite gaps in its use. Agencies are pushing the envelope when it comes to experimenting with remarketing (especially with mobile and video), but brand marketers may lack the knowledge or resources to try new tactics, and are sticking mainly with display media.

During this week’s Search Mojo webinar, 10 Killer Hacks for Remarketing Success, Scott Garrett and Sarah Wyland will be sharing some of their favorite “hacks” they use to get more from remarketing. But many marketers may still be unfamiliar with it, and this week’s Mojo Minute gives a quick primer.

If you want to learn about the creative ways retailers and B2B companies can use remarketing to their advantage, then you’ll definitely get some useful information from tomorrow’s webinar. Here’s where you can register.

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