Review: Google AdWords for Mobile

By Janet Driscoll Miller | Mar 31, 2010
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This week, Google announced the launch of “AdWords for Mobile”, a mobile-based interface for the Google AdWords advertisers to manage AdWords on their mobile phones, including the iPhone, Android phones and the Palm Pre. As someone managing many AdWords accounts and an active Droid owner, I was instantly giddy with excitement!Google AdWords for Mobile

Key Features

While AdWords for Mobile is essentially a simplified model of the web-based interface, there are some nice standard features. Using AdWords for Mobile you can:

  • Adjust some campaign settings including:
    • budget
    • status
    • end date
  • Adjust keyword settings including:
    • status
    • max CPC

Additionally, the interface can show you quickly key metrics, such as conversions, clicks, impressions, etc.

Not Ready for Prime Time

After reviewing Google AdWords for Mobile, however, I feel it wasn’t really ready to be launched — not because it didn’t work well, but rather because it is such a scaled back AdWords management tool. Really, it’s more of a monitoring tool than a management tool.

Why do I feel that way? There are key features missing from this interface that would truly help advertisers manage their ads remotely as needed. Those key features include:

  • Create or pause ads
    For instance, if I noticed a misspelling in my ad, I could not change it via AdWords for Mobile.
  • Add new keywords
    Now I would never expect to do major keyword adjustments from my phone, but, for instance, if I realized I should add a negative keyword, why can’t I add those via AdWords for Mobile?

Considering that AdWords for Mobile is simply a website formatted for mobile devices and NOT a separate application, I found it odd that this key functionality was overlooked.

Not Available for Client Centers Yet

Unfortunately for ad managers like me, however, AdWords for Mobile is not integrated at the Client Center level yet. You can log in to each individual account and manage it, though.

While I think that AdWords for Mobile has potential, I question why Google didn’t roll out the interface for Client Center owners first — likely the most avid users of Google AdWords and managing many accounts. It seems to me that Client Center owners often have the greatest need because they are managing so many accounts.

Furthermore, I’ve been surprised the Google has not yet developed an Android-based application similar to Google AdWords Editor, the desktop client for interfacing with Google AdWords. While I don’t use AdWords Editor everyday, I do find that there are some instances where AdWords Editor can perform a task faster and more efficiently than the web-based AdWords interface.

Try It For Yourself

If you’d like to try Google AdWords for Mobile for yourself, visit and log in to your Google AdWords account. See what you think. I’d be curious to hear what other advertisers think.

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