Saying Goodbye to a Mentor: An Homage to Jack Donaghy

By Janet Driscoll Miller | Feb 1, 2013
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Jack DonaghyLast night we said goodbye to one of my favorite television shows — 30 Rock. 30 Rock launched seven years ago at about the same time that I launched Search Mojo. Not only did the show provide great wit, it provided a type of business mentor in the form of Jack Donaghy.

Jack Donaghy represented a titan of industry and a mentor to the scrambling Liz Lemon. His business philosophies have been covered by revered business publications including The Washington Post to Fast CompanyThe Huffington Post called Donaghy “the most important and influential person of our time”.

Over these past seven years as our company has grown, I’ve taken stock in the wisdom of Donaghy. I feel as if an era is coming to an end. But fortunately, Donaghy left us with many pearls of business wisdom over those years that will serve us all for many years to come.

In homage to Donaghy, this Liz Lemon of SEO created her own Six Sigma of SEO Wheel of Domination. It’s half ridiculous, half serious — not unlike Donaghy’s business philosophies. I think the real Jack Donaghy would be pleased. We’ll miss you, Jack Donaghy.

(Click on the graphic below to see a larger version.)

SEO Wheel of Domination

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