SEO + Google+ = Total SERP Domination Webinar

By Cady Condyles | Mar 27, 2012
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Have you ever wondered about the combined power of 2 great forces? Like Superman & Batman?  Or King Kong and Godzilla?  Maybe that’s a stretch, but what about the combined strength of 2 powerful online marketing weapons, like Google+ and SEO?  Then this webinar is for you!

SEO + Google+ = Total SERP Domination Webinar
April 5th, 2012
2 p.m. ET

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Google+ has over 90 million users and is continuing to grow, despite some controversy about how much time users spend on the site. Google+ may not be challenging Facebook for market share in the social realm, but it is a very important site for marketers – particularly since the launch of Google’s Search Plus Your World. These personalized search results prioritize Google+ posts and links based on your circles and network; greatly impacting the organic search results for each Google+ user. Search Mojo Experts will go over the latest news about Google+ and how it impacts your SEO efforts in our upcoming webinar, SEO + Google+ = Total SERP Domination, on Thursday April 5th at 2 p.m. ET.

“Google+ is rapidly growing with over 100 million users so it’s a great opportunity to interact with your customers and potential leads, especially since businesses have been slow to incorporate Google+ Pages in their marketing initiatives,” said Lokitis. “This allows for a great opportunity for early adopters to establish a Google+ presence before their competitors.  Google+ has also gained importance since the introduction of personalized search results from Google’s Search Plus Your World feature.  Google+ is vital to Google; therefore it needs to be a significant consideration for online advertisers as well.”

Search Mojo’s online marketing experts, Janet Driscoll Miller, CEO & President, and Sarah Lokitis, Social Media Specialist will cover the best practices for creating and managing your Google + profiles and pages. Miller and Lokitis will also give insights into the future developments of Google+ and how it will continue to impact SEO and organic listings. Be sure to attend this webinar to learn the best ways to use Google+ to improve your SEO efforts and move toward total SERP domination.

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What You Will Learn

  • What is Google+? Why should we use it?
  • The different aspects of Google+
  • How to optimize your website and Google+ Page
  • Ways to grow your Google+ network
  • Google+ Predictions for the Future

Who Should Attend

Marketing professionals interested in increasing their company’s online visibility will find this Google+ & SEO webinar informative. The tips provided with give attendees actionable items to start improving their SEO efforts and expand their social footprint into the Google+ circles.

About the Presenters

Janet Driscoll Miller

Janet Driscoll MillerJanet Driscoll Miller is the president and CEO of Search Mojo. With more than twelve years of search engine optimization experience, Janet has spoken at search engine conferences, including Search Marketing Expo, Search Engine Strategies and Pubcon. Janet also has published articles in B2B Magazine, Visibility Magazine and others, and contributes to several blogs, including Search Marketing Sage, Marketing Pilgrim and Search Engine Journal. She has over ten years of technology marketing experience and has held marketing positions at Software AG, Call Technologies, and Telos Corporation. You can follow her on Twitter as @JanetDMiller.

Sarah Lokitis

Sarah LokitisSarah Lokitis serves as a Social Media Specialist at Search Mojo advising clients on social media best practices for SEO, as well as strategizing and implementing Facebook Advertising campaigns. Sarah writes for the Search Mojo Blog, Social Media Today, and Social Media Examiner and has presented at the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia and Charlottesville SheBlogs. She will be speaking about Social Advertising at an upcoming Search Marketing Expo. You can follow her on Twitter as @Lokitis.

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