Top Rankings Are Great. But What Happens After the Click? Improving SEO ROI.

By Janet Driscoll Miller | Jan 12, 2009
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So you’ve spent months working on SEO for your website, and if you’ve done a good job, you’re ranking well and, likely, realizing higher website traffic numbers. But higher traffic doesn’t always equate to higher conversions or improved ROI. Why is that?

Many companies for years have treated their websites as simply an online brochure — a detailed summary of the company’s products/services, management, news, etc. But in today’s Web 2.0 world, a website is much more than a simple brochure — it’s an online selling tool.

The problem? Most corporate websites today still only act as an online brochure, not a selling tool, and companies often don’t refine the elements of their websites that would possibly improve conversion performance.

Web Design for ROI

I heard a great analogy about the disconnect between organic search and websites. If you walk into Sears looking for tools, are you likely to go in the door where they sell shoes, or would you prefer to go into the door where the tools are? Obviously, you’d try to take the shortest, most direct route to the tools. The same is true with website visitors. Why do we make them jump through hoops to get to information that they’ve already told the search engine they want to see?

The simple solution to this problem is improving SEO ROI through A/B or multivariate testing. There are a number of ways to approach website testing, including using Google’s free Website Optimizer tool or direct programming on your web pages. A great place to start for advice on what items to test are included in the book Web Design for ROI. It’s a quick, great basic read on what you can test and how to get started.

In a few weeks, Search Mojo will be launching our new website, and we’ll be offering an SEO ROI package. Keep watching for more details!

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