SES New York: Preview of the New Google AdWords Interface

By Amanda Sides | Mar 25, 2009
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Speakers at this session included Ariel Bardin, AdWords Product Lead, and Angela Lai, AdWords Engineering Lead.

Every one of us who currently use AdWords have qualms about one thing or another, and would love to see changes. Well the wait is finally over.

Here are some of my favorite things that will soon change in AdWords:

In-Place Edits. Soon we will be able to make edits right in reports that AdWords generates. No more navigating back and forth just to make a simple edit. Same goes with budget and bid edits. Hopefully this will help everyone cut down on time spent navigating, and waiting for edits to be saved. The current interface reports just appear as a sheet of paper… You have to navigate away and back into your account and find and make edits. This will be a nice change.

Better filters and sorts. More options and ways to filter are now going to be available. Whether you want a custom report (that you can now build right from the page you are viewing, instead of having to navigate away from the page to the report center) comparing impressions to cost-per-click for the past month, or simply want to view keywords from ALL campaigns sorted by most to least expensive, Google is making it easier to do so. Now you won’t have to go create a report to find the most expensive keyword you foster.

Better control of content network placements. Google’s attempt here is to allow users to obtain the same control over their content network placements as they have with their search network. If you give Google a set of keywords, they will generate a list of automatic placements, and with the new In-Place Edits feature, you can choose to add them as excluded, or go ahead and set a custom bid for it right there on the same page.

Better negative keyword management. Instead of displaying negative keywords with a dash in front, they will simply appear in a separate table. You can attend to them separately. It was mentioned that when you switch over to the new interface, they should transition just fine, no editing necessary (removing the dash, etc.).

Search Query Reports. This goes along with the In-Place Edits and ability to make changes within reports… But I thought I could devote more time to this one. I spend a lot of my time sifting through Search Query Reports. My life is about to get a lot easier. You can create the report from wherever you are in your account (once again, not having to navigate to the report center); you no longer have to create a report encompassing an entire ad group, you will be able to create the report based on a subset of keywords. The biggest advantage with this new reporting system will be that you can simply choose add as a keyword, choose the match type, or you can even add it as a negative… right from the report! This will once again save time, and make lives easier.

Downloadable data. One issue many users have is not being able to download information from their accounts. Now, there will be a “Download” link above tables. If you are viewing all the ad copy in your account, you can now simply click “Download”, and there you have it.

A few things to note:

  • There may be mistakes… It is a beta test and your feedback is needed to help make improvements.If you have any comments,questions, or concerns, click the “Send Feedback” link at the top of the page.They will read your input.
  • Expect a lot of new features in the coming weeks.The new interface is a rolling release, so more changes are on the way.
  • Google is actively working on improvement within billing, inserting spreadsheet functionality right into AdWords, and expanding the “85 other unique inquiries” result in Search Query Reports.
  • You will be able to effortlessly switch back and forth between the new interface and the current one without losing any data.

Google noted that the major principles considered for the new design include:

  • Speed matters.
  • Give guidance at the right time.
  • Consistency.

Google wants to help us improve efficiency and clarity with the new structure.Nothing will change in the way they show our ads, but expect much easier management of your accounts.

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