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By Lauren Kade | Mar 23, 2011
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My next session here at SES New York is “Over 50 Killer Internet Marketing Tools to Measure Your Online Marketing Strategies” with Jim Boykin, CEO and “Link Building Ninja.”  Even the long title indicates that this session is going to be jam-packed with information, and I’m excited to learn from a ninja!  I’m going to attempt to get all 50 tools in here, but since we have only 60 minutes to go over them, I’m anticipating they’ll be thrown out pretty fast.  Here goes:

Keyword Tools

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Can use for organic SEO analysis.  If you type in your website url, check [exact] match, you can find additional words or phrases to target.

Wordtracker Strategizer

Good tool to find lots of long tail keyword phrases.

Can predict search engine traffic prices, as well as the number of AdWords keywords you’re currently bidding on, and potential ad buyers and sellers.  Additionally, it allows you to see organic phrases that you currently rank in the top 20 for, so you can find valuable phrases you may not be aware of.

Useful for gathering competitive intelligence, showing what your competitors are bidding on.

Spyfu Recon

Gives charts such as total organic clicks per month as well as the value of those clicks.  Also identifies biggest gains, most valuable keywords, biggest opportunities, keywords you’re not currently ranking on but you should be, as well as competitive intelligence.

Google Insights for Search

Type in phrases and it will tell you the top searches as well as trending data.

Yahoo Clues

New tool, if you type in a search phrase it tells you the percentage of men and women who search that phrase, as well as previous queries and next queries.  These will let you know what users searched before searching that specific term as well as what they searched for afterwards.

SEO Moz Keyword Difficulty Tool

Useful for keyword research, it grabs urls that are ranking for that search, as well as URL and Domain metrics for each search.  This tool is also helpful for predicting how difficult it will be to break into the top ten listings for that search term.

Backlink Tools

Yahoo Link Domain

Google’s not accurate to check backlinks, so use Yahoo instead.  Type in the “” and “” on or

Open Site Explorer

Type in your website, and see the page authority, domain authority, linking root domains, and total links.  Additionally, you can see the top pages and anchor text distribution.

Majestic SEO

Type in your website and see your backlinks, as well as lots of other interesting metrics.

Majestic Site Explorer

Tells the number of backlinks, the number of sites linking in, dead link history, etc.


New search engine that uses slashtag search, type in “ /seo” to see the most trusted backlinks on your site and your competitor’s sites.  Additionally, they will show “good links,” excluded links, and zapsite links, as well as pages that have duplicate content.

SEO Book Link Harvester

Type in your site and your competitors and it will break down backlinks and third party sites that link to your competitors but not to your site.

Social Media Tools

Track and rank what URL’s people are talking about on Twitter, as well as all the URLs a particular Twitter user has ever tweeted (good for competitors).


Type in a URL and see the number of mentions in the past day, past month, etc.  You can also filter by social media site.

Social Mention

Search for things and break them down into different types of searches (like on Twitter or Facebook or Google).


Track Facebook and Twitter and compare with your competitors for number of likes, followers, etc.

Quark Base

Type in your URL and see all the pages for social media, number of bookmarks, most recent twitter comments, blog mentions, most popular pages, etc.

Competitive Intelligence Tools

Domain Tools

Shows history of who owns the registrar, and how many other domains your site owns.

Spy on Web

Type in a URL and see every other site that has the same Google Adsense code, Analytics code, etc.


Find contacts and people within a company and what their positions are.


See affiliate programs that a site is using and tools that they’re using.


Slightly scary tool that shows just how much information you can get online on one certain person.  It can show your name, address, names of people you live with, a satellite map to where you live, all of your Facebook friends, and the list goes on!

Random Cool Tools

Xenu’s Link Sleuth

Will spider through your entire website, show error pages, broken links, etc.

Raven Tools

Great tool to help manage several of your internet marketing efforts.

Facebook PPC

Can target ads to very specific interests, age ranges, education level, etc.


Other half to your analytics program, will show mouse movements, where people click on your websites, heat maps, real time monitor, visitor recordings, etc.


Does about everything Google Analytics does and more.


Shows upstream and downstream sites, or what sites users went to after leaving your site or just before coming to your site.


Gives basic data about your website.

Wayback Machine (still in beta)

Will track a website’s changes overtime.

Search Engine Reports

You can use it to run a quick ranking report.


Use to check load time of a webpage.

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