Using Similar Audiences To Expand Your Remarketing Reach

By Sarah Bonner | Aug 19, 2013
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Google AdWords recently released the Similar Audiences feature to help expand advertisers’ reach to potential customers using remarketing lists. The tool automatically finds users who have shared interests and characteristics with the people already captured in advertisers’ remarketing lists.

Muppets Similar Audiences

How Similar Audiences Works

According to Google Support, Similar Audiences are created when AdWords looks at browsing data on the Display Network over the past 30 days, and uses that data to compile similarities of the people in your remarketing lists.  Then Google compares those similarities with the rest of the Display Network users and groups everyone into your Similar Audiences.

So, let’s say you advertise for an online community website for TV characters and you want to expand your AdWords’ reach. Lucky for you, Kermit the Frog is already in your remarketing list and you’d like to advertise to users similar to him. Use the Similar Audiences feature to advertise to users that share interests and characteristics with Kermit, i.e. other Muppets.

Remarketing lists are eligible to have Similar Audiences once they gain at least 500 cookies and enough similar features of the users.  If you add a Similar Audience, your original audience is automatically excluded. Also, keep in mind that this tool is only available for the Display Network.

Where To Find It

Find Similar Audiences in the same place as your remarketing lists. To add Similar Audiences to your targeting, select the ad group you’d like to edit, choose the display network tab, and select Change Display Targeting. Once there, go to the Interests & Remarketing section and select Remarketing Lists. Make sure “Show Similar Audiences” is checked so you can see them.  Then add away!

Similar Audiences

How To Use Similar Audiences

Similar Audiences can potentially add a huge amount of traffic. Although Custom Combinations aren’t eligible to use Similar Audiences, you can use other more targeted lists to make Similar Audiences more useful to your goals. If you have a remarketing list of users who have converted, it may be helpful to add a Similar Audience to target users who share characteristics to those who have converted.

Depending on their goals, advertisers can create different lists and use the Similar Audience feature to help achieve different things, like simply more traffic, more clicks, or more conversions.

Have you used Similar Audiences? If you have any thoughts or comments, tweet me @smb1213!

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