4 Simple SEO Life Hacks

By Sarah Bonner | Mar 4, 2014
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Search engine optimization can be a huge undertaking for any website owner – fortunately, there are ways to help simplify what can be an otherwise complex, daunting process. Follow these simple SEO life hacks to get a jump start on your optimization!


Content Is King

Keeping your site fresh with interesting and sharable content is one of the keys to modern SEO success. Search engine robots and readers alike like fresh, useful content, so this will go a long way towards them coming back regularly.  Readers also might share your good content with their friends, giving you more links back to your site and increasing the chances the robots will return.

Use the Tags

One of the simplest techniques to gain better rankings is to provide clear and informative title, meta and H1 tags. These tags signify important information to search engine robots, so you need to put important information in them. The title and meta description tags also show up in search engine results, so be sure they make sense for your potential readers, too and draw them to your site. Important keywords and your brand name should be used in the title tag (shown in red below) and the meta description (below in pink) should be used to convey what a searcher can expect to find once they click through. Be careful not to stuff these tags with a lot of keywords, to avoid looking spammy or getting penalized by Google.

seo title tag

Use Social Media/Google+

Social media can be a very helpful tool in all SEO endeavors. Not only can you link back to your site on all social networks, but you can also use your social profiles to own the first page of results when potential customers search on your brand name. For more helpful tips, read more about aligning social media and SEO strategy here.

Google+ is also a social network that can contribute heavily to SERPs. Large companies like Starbucks and The Economist have admitted to using Google+ mostly for SEO benefits. By joining and utilizing a Google+ profile, you can give Google much more information about your company, enable Authorship and Publisher tags so your posts you share on Google+ may show up in search results.

Don’t Get Too Fancy


Even though technology allows us to do super-sweet things with our websites, it’s important to remember not to get too fancy with your code. Clean code is easier for search engines to crawl, and fancy code like Flash may  turn search engine robots away completely. Although Google is working to be more friendly with Flash, site owners must be careful using it to ensure that there are no indexing or crawling issues.

Now Get Started!

SEO is a challenging and multifaceted process, so there are many more steps that any site owner could take to completely optimize their site. These are just a few of the easiest steps that anyone can take. Do you have any simple SEO life hacks? Comment them below or tweet at me @smb1213.

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