Six Mobile & Remarketing PPC Resolutions for 2014

By Amanda Sides | Dec 10, 2013
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Every year we all resolve to do things a bit differently − to better ourselves, to look better, to be healthier. So why not do the same for your AdWords account? Whether you simply want to take a few, effective steps as a beginner or new, more advanced, giant leaps, this list will give you an idea of where to start.

Two big movements in paid search this year were around Mobile and Remarketing and even if you haven’t been an early adopter, it’s not too late to improve your campaigns with these 6 tips!

Mobile Resolutions

1. Beginner: Mobile Optimized Ad Copy

This simply involves checking a “Mobile Preferred” box and writing copy specific to mobile users, so think about how they would be looking for you as opposed to a desktop user. This could help show more relevant ads to users based on the device they are using, and could help improve click-through rates.

2. Intermediate: Mobile Bid Modifiers

We’ve found that for the most part, mobile devices tend to spend a lot more than you want them to, and have an awful cost-per-conversion. Sometimes though, depending on what you are advertising, mobile device targeting could be your sweet spot. Using bid modifiers for ads on mobile devices could significantly improve your performance – a study we ran resulted in a 12%-55% reduction in cost-per-click and 69% – 90% reduction in cost-per-conversion. It’s a quick analysis and setting update that could save you a ton of money.

3. Advanced: Mobile-Optimized Landing Pages

This one may be a little trickier, as you’ll need the help of a developer and/or someone skilled at landing page design and optimization, but adjusting your landing page design for mobile devices can make a huge impact on conversion performance. Some opt to create a separate landing page specifically for mobile; to direct users to this page you can utilize the {ifmobile}{ifnotmobile} keyword-level destination URL commands or just use that URL for your mobile-preferred ads. If you have the capability, consider utilizing responsive web design, which allows the page to automatically adjust based on the screen size. You can even eliminate or add certain elements based on the adjustment to make it more focused on conversion for each device type.

Remarketing Resolutions

4. Beginner: Start Remarketing

Remarketing is great because it assists in prequalifying your leads and customers. Through Remarketing, you can show ads across the Google Display Network to those who have already visited your website, so you know they’ve shown interest in you and your ad would most likely resonate well. Check out our infographic below for more benefits of Remarketing:

Retargeting infographic

Remarketing often incurs minimal costs compared to other targeting options, as many people view the ad, and instead of clicking through may resort to going directly to your website to convert or may search and get to your site through organic results. Google still reports those conversions as view-through, so you know how many converters at some point were exposed to a Remarketing ad.

5. Intermediate: Specialized Remarketing Lists

Now that you’ve gotten your feet wet with Remarketing in general, you may want to try more customized and narrow Remarketing lists. Instead of blanket targeting anyone who visited your site, maybe break this into multiple lists based on the sections or categories of the site they visited. For instance, if you are a sporting goods retailer and someone visits your page on soccer cleats, you’ll want to show them an ad about soccer cleats and land them on your page of soccer cleat options. Even more targeted would be to show the product someone looked at in the ad itself, and land them back on that page.

Which brings me to another point – something you should consider is creating a list to exclude those that have converted. One of my biggest pet peeves is to continue to get remarketed to even after I bought the product. You don’t want to wear someone down too much, so be sure to add lists for the areas of the site someone visited but also exclude your converted list to focus on bringing in new customers. You could always show the converters other related products, to pursuade them to come back and buy more!

6. Advanced: Custom Remarketing Lists from Social Ads

If you use LinkedIn advertising or Facebook advertising, you can try using custom lists made up of people who clicked on those ads. Through avenues like LinkedIn and Facebook, you are able to target your audience at a hyper-granular level. By creating lists for visitors of your site to certain landing pages or from certain sources, you will know that that audience is exactly your market (maybe females, ages 25-34 with a Director title and interests in cupcakes). You can do that!

Do you have any resolutions for 2014 when it comes to your paid advertising? 

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