SlideShare Test: Which Format Gets the Most Views?

By Renee Revetta | Feb 25, 2011
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A few weeks ago, Mark Browner did a webinar about Google AdWords Editor. As usual, we shared the recording on SlideShare. However, this time we decided to upload the recording in 3 different formats: regular slides, slides with audio (Slidecast) and a video. With the same amount of promotion, 3 weeks after the webinar I checked up on the stats. I was curious whether people would want the audio if possible, or just want to quickly browse the slides. Although I get much more out of slides when I hear the associated audio, I can also see how people might not have enough time to dedicate to the entire recording. So did the formats with audio perform best, or did the classic SlideShare presentation format win?

The Numbers

Format Views
Slides 191
Slidecast 142
Video 76

It seems like the classic format performs best on SlideShare – which makes sense. If people are looking for slides, they head to SlideShare. Some people may not realize they also offer audio recordings and videos, too.┬áSomething interesting to note here is that YouTube, where we also uploaded the recording, has about 10 less views of the same video.

Why don’t people want more than just static slides?

Well, maybe they do, but just aren’t getting there. When I search for “Search Mojo AdWords” on SlideShare, the results for our webinar appear in the same order as they do in the results table above: slides, slidecast, video. So maybe the way SlideShare is serving up results has something to do with my findings.

What has your experience with SlideShare been like? Has your company conducted any simple tests like this one and found similar results? Feel free to reach out to me @reneerevetta on Twitter or share your thoughts below.



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