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By Tad Miller | Jun 7, 2011
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The SoLoMo Revolution (Social-Local-Mobile) is already here and were are all supposed to be combining and aligning social, local and mobile as part of our online strategy.  But many are missing some of those pieces in their marketing mix.

Mac Ling, Kelly Gillease, Jennifer Grappone, Nicola Smith and Daniel Lemin are the speakers and Greg Sterling is the moderater.

Nicola Smith from Performics – Purchases are conversations.  42% of 18-34 year olds enjoy sharing their purchases online.  Blippy and Swipely actually connect to your credit card share your purchases online.

There is a 400% increase in mobile searches, 74% of people use mobile phone to search while running errands. 59% of those that search on mobile show up at the location where they searched.

Mobile-Social-Local allows for hyper-targeting.  Right person – Right Place – Right Time.  Gives a shot at measuring and tracking loyalty to brands and products.

Location based check-ins, Content Check-ins (Miso), Conversation check-ins with Checkin.

Their is a lot of fragmentation among all the check-in services – serious need for aggregation.

Driving repeat purchases is hard with Groupon – LevelUp allows the same type of deal, that allows users to keep uping the Ante with new and better deals.

Need to think beyond the offer and discount.  Content can be location triggered, not just deal oriented.

Loyalty+Proximity=Currency with SoLoMo.

Kelly Gillease from Viator – Viater is a Travel company.  Her focus is on the paid side of advertising in the SoLoMo space.

She uses Facebook paid advertising to drive fans and likes with her brand.  You can use the fan list like an e-mail list or marketing list.  Sponsored Stories are ads endorsed by follower friends.  It targets friends of connections.  Great for contests and sales.

Contests are a great way to grow a fan base.  Wildfire will manage the contest for you at a low price.  Some advertisers have tripled their fan-bases this way.

They also use promoted tweets and promote account advertising on Twitter.  Promoted trends are pretty expensive though.  More people need to utilize video links in promoted Tweets, it’s very effective.

Tracking ROI is pretty easy.  You need to figure out the value of a follower or fan.  Then figure out how much you are willing to pay to acquire them.

Mobile Search:  replicate your PPC accounts, but be aware how location plays into your mobile search.  Mobile app launches need to be supported by mobile advertising.  iAd, AdMob, Jumptab, takeovers are good but you need a lot of advanced coordination to get them going.

Daniel Lemin from Social Studio:  Local is a big challenge for national brands with no local presence.  He has experience in driving local search with brands that don’t have local presence.

POE – Point of Engagement – helps you enter the conversation by word of mouth.  Drives awareness.

POS – Point of Sale.  The direct line of purchase.  The place to drive incremental sales.  Check-ins fulfill this.

SoLoMo – helps you fulfill you lower funnel conversions.

M&Ms has no local presence.  The “Find Red” campaign in Canada helped the other M&Ms find the missing red M&M.  Used QR codes to get clues to find Red.  4 Square check-ins also gave clues.  Used local tracking as a means for delivery of clues.  The prize was a Smart Car.

Loyal customers spend more.  Better connections with core customers help.

Jennifer Grappone from Gravity Search Marketing – has case studies for Justin Bieber: Never Say Never the movie and an Ice Cream Store.

Movie sites need SEO usually before they are even put up.  Very fast time-frame to work in.  They used “share-bait” to keep kids interested in the film well before the release date.  They used “hand raiser” forms to get information on the site users early.  Teen age girls were happy to do it and even gave their mobile phone numbers.

They promoted local screenings with RSVPs on Facebook.  Many RSVP’d even though they couldn’t even go.

Coolhaus Ice Cream Truck started with one truck and a twitter account.  All of the marketing takes place on social channels – the website isn’t even that good.  They have limited resources, so they use SoLoMo to advertise.  They tweet their location and coupon codes.  Coolhaus adopted their tweet schedule to each location.

They use Geo-targeted Flattery.  They research a social influencer within the area they will be in with the ice cream truck.  They court the influencer and the influencer does all the work for them in letting others know about it.

Mac Ling from iCrossing – we are at a new point where SoLoMo is changing business.

Group Messaging businesses are starting up everywhere.  Group Messaging is about shared interests within closed sites.  New sites use group messages, Conference calls, photo sharing and location sharing. The mobile device is the corner-stone of the new group messaging.

Is this the SoLoMo revolution – or just the evolution of tools (specifically mobile).  It’s just the next iteration of the marketers tool box.

We are better at using technology to create communities where there aren’t any.

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