SMX Advanced 2011: Yes Virginia Facebook is SEO – Or Maybe Not

By Tad Miller | Jun 8, 2011
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Social signals from Facebook are supposed to help SEO, Right?  There admittedly is some controversy about this.

Jeff Widman from PageLever

Average Facebook user is the fan of 5 to 20 Facebook Fan Pages – but seldom if ever revisits that Fan Page.  Jeff Focuses on keeping Facebook users coming back to the Fan Page with his product PageLever.  Posting status updates isn’t necessarily going to get your post seen to everyone.

Facebook EdgeRank determines how often and to who sees your update:

Affinity Score deals with the actions you take as a user: likes, comments and clicks matter for getting higher EdgeRank and more impressions and page views.

EdgeRank a score is by the user.  It isn’t really spammable and can’t really be manipulated.

You can optimize your Facebook content to rank higher.  Ask the user to comment or leave a Like.  Play with posting times to see what works best.

Facebook EdgeRank = Interesting Stories.  The metrics of being an interesting story are Likes, Comments and Clicks.

Jim Yu from Bright Edge –

Bright Edge studied by industry how SEO and Facebook interacted.  Their is correlation between Like, Shares and Top 10 rankings.  Insurance, Retail, Finance and B2B areas with top 10 rankings have very high volume of Likes and Shares on Facebook.

To optimize you need to help you Facebook page rank better and help your website rank better.

You need a link from the home page of your site to your Facebook Page.  An anchor text link on the homepage helps.  You need to use your brand name in Facebook Posts.  Getting Likes is important.  You need to get your Facebook Fan page ranking well in Search.

Social is correlated to Search.  You still need to utilize it even if Google isn’t necessarily using it as a ranking signal.

Creating parallel structures with Facebook pages and your website.  Interlink your site elements into your Facebook Fan pages.

Tony Adam from MySpace –

Yes Facebook SEO from a MySpace Guy…  Tony also runs a company called Visible Factors.

Tony’s Social Ranking factors work to improve SEO – but aren’t necessarily “in the algorithm”.  ???? (I’m not sure what that means).

It made sense for MySpace to have multiple Facebook pages.  MySpace has both Celebrity, Movie and Music pages on Facebook.  They also create Facebook topic pages (Lindsey Lohan page).

The “Send” Button is important.  It’s like permission based marketing.  Users allow themselves to be “used” for Facebook marketing.

Stream Optimization.  You need to ask Questions to create engagement.  Funny interesting facts also keep people coming back.

You need to optimize your Like buttons on your site.  Test locations and sizes to see what works.  When someone sees a face on the face-pile button of someone they know – they have a high tendency to click.

News & Trends are great for Social.  MySpace shares content that is trending.

My take:  This was interesting information – but after yesterday’s revelations from Matt Cutts that Google supposedly can’t see Facebook Shares – their might be a bit of a “chilling effect” to statements about Facebook actually impacting SEO.  The title of the session was made before Matt Cutts “popped the balloon” and ruined the party on this topic.  I’m pretty sure that I’ll be writing my take on what your next step should be with leveraging Facebook to improve your SEO – at least for a small sub-set of businesses.

Danny Sullivan says, even if Facebook isn’t a ranking signal, you still can get lots of useful traffic from it.

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