Social Media Management Made Easier by Flock Browser

By Catherine Potts | May 21, 2009
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So I am one of those people who loves new little widgets, browsers etc. I also get really annoyed if I download something and all it does is waste my time or memory on my computer. If my life can be made more fun or just easier, game on. That’s where a new browser could really serve me well.

There is this “new” browser called Flock. It’s new enough, the latest version is Flock 2.0. I’ll go ahead and throw some linkiness their direction since I’m pretty impressed at this point. This browser helps you manage all your social media in one window. Let’s give credit where credit is due, saw an article on this in the NYT online. If I may say, I’m loving it right now. Perhaps later on I may feel a bit overwhelmed but at this point, neat stuff.

Flock delivers the only browser designed to enhance the active online social user’s experience and liberate them from the complexities of managing multiple social networks, web mail, media, news feeds and blogs. With Flock, they can instantly discover, enjoy and share the relationships and content they are passionate about. (Flock/about)

Courtesy PCMechanic

As the article says, this browser will either drive you bonkers with all the visual stimuli or it’ll make life MUCH easier. You can manage Gmail, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter… and the browser moved all my preferences and bookmarks from the Opera browser I’ve been using.

Flock 2.0 incorporates the latest Firefox 3.0 enhancements around performance, security, and privacy. Flock also supports 24 of the most popular web mail, social applications and tools by bringing them one step closer to the user and integrating them directly into the browser.

Does this spell the end of alt+tab or all that crazy clickery from tab to tab? We shall see.

In a press release from Oct 08, CEO Shawn Hardin had this to say:

“As the browser market and the social space mature we’re seeing a natural evolution toward better options for consumers. Many users now belong to two or more social networks in addition to juggling multiple email, news feeds and numerous web-based applications. People who value keeping up with friends on the Web are migrating to Flock, because we let them cut through the clutter and focus on what’s important to them—the friends, media, information and events they care about.”

Flock is also RSS capable, so you can keep track of all your streams (video, news feeds, images).

An entirely cool function is the drag and drop feature. You just choose what stuff you’d like to share with your Facebook or MySpace friends and it’s done. Let me tell ya, it was a lot easier than in Facebook itself. I just chose a picture to share on my wall in Facebook and boom. Done.

All the streams are kept on the side of your screen. You can even edit your Facebook status there and it updates immediately with the site. Click another tab and you’re seeing your Twitter feed. Click the ‘All’ tab and well… you can see them all.

Give me just a little more time with this and I’ll report back. As I discover add ons and other cool features, I will certainly share!

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