Social Media Week: WordPress Wednesday

By Renee Revetta | Sep 21, 2011
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Continuing with Social Media Week celebration here on the Search Marketing Sage, I wanted to address another aspect of social media – blogs. From an SEO perspective, we always try to recommend WordPress, self-hosted blogs with a subdomain format. For example, your blog domain would resemble This allows you to own more of the space on *hopefully* the first page of search engine results for your brand name.

300px-Wordpress-logoEstablishing a company blog greatly improves your online presence and can benefit both SEO as well as assist with your social media efforts. Aside from traffic from Google (organic and PPC) and direct traffic, the Search Marketing Sage is the 3rd leading referrer to Creating new content on the blog also gives us plenty of fodder to share on our Search Mojo social media profiles.

A few tips to keep in mind with blogs:

Update often

Not only will this please the search engines, but also your readers. When using WordPress, make sure you’re using the plugin Google XML Sitemap that will ping the search engines each time there is new content on your blog. Once Google is notified that you have new content on your blog, you’ll have better chances of being indexed.

Optimize your updates

You can use services like to see the days and times you get the most re-tweets per tweet. Blog accordingly to this schedule and share your blog posts at those times. Also, be sure to keep in mind your SEO keywords when writing blog posts. Key places to add those would be in the title, content and if possible, within the URL itself (depending on your URL structure).

Use Sharing Plugins

According to BrightEdge, an in-depth analysis of more than 4 million tweets shows pages that display Twitter share buttons get 7 times the social media mentions than sites that do not, pointing to enormous social marketing opportunity.

Just based on the social media mentions, we’d expect more traffic to visit your blog if you use sharing buttons. We recommend the Google +1, Facebook Like and Twitter Share buttons, all of which have easy to implement plugins for WordPress blogs.

Establish as industry experts

Having a blog where your employees are able to share their industry knowledge, you’ll establish your employees as experts. Keep providing great content to your readers, share appropriately and you’ll be on your way to a great company blog. This of course takes time, but is certainly worth the effort. Once establishing your company as brimming over with industry knowledge, the hope is that you also draw in more business, too.

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To keep tabs on Social Media Week, make sure to tune into their coverage today: Social Media Week Wednesday – What’s on today.

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