Social Privacy 411 Series: LinkedIn

By Renee Revetta | Jul 2, 2010
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After covering Facebook , Twitter and Foursquare, here are my privacy setting suggestions for LinkedIn. As the most professional of social networks, it’d be a smart idea to take time to review how you’re presenting yourself.

Profile views

Everyone checks out other people’s profiles on LinkedIn. Each user sees a list of who has looked at their profile. Does “7 people in the last 5 days have viewed your profile” ring a bell? Remember, you have a choice on how and if you’d like to display your name in those results. Here are the available options:

  • Your name and headline
  • Your anonymous profile characteristics, such as industry and title
  • Nothing. You will be completely invisible to users you have viewed.

Depending on your type of position and industry this setting may have a different importance level for you. For example, if you’re a recruiter or in HR this feature is a necessary setting to consider.

Profile and Status updates

This section is worth reviewing for everyone. Do you want to tell your entire network when you update your profile? How about when you make a status update? Those controls are available under: Settings, Privacy Settings, Profile and Status Updates. I’d definitely recommend updating your network with status updates.

Connections browse

If you’re making connections with potential clients – with multiple people at one company – is your employer willing to share that info with the public? If you’re in a very competitive environment for clients, will your competitors see those connections piling up and know a deal is in the works? If you connect with potential clients and work in a highly competitive industry, you might want to check out this setting. In my opinion, having open connections is appropriate in most cases.

Authorized applications

Do you have Twitter, Posterous, WordPress or Slideshare connected to your LinkedIn Account? Under the Authorized applications section is where you’d find your current list of connected applications and external websites. You can remove these applications from this page, as well. customization

If you’re a reader, this might catch your attention. With this feature enabled, will customize your headline results based on information provided within your LinkedIn profile. Have you noticed this change?

Best Practices

Aside from privacy, I can’t help but mention how important it is to have a complete profile with a photo and current content. It doesn’t have to take a long time setting it up, either. Check out Five Things to Do on LinkedIn Before You Leave the Office Today.

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