The Benefits of Promoting Unpublished Posts on Facebook

By Blaine Anderson | Sep 12, 2013
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Facebook Unpublished PostsMatt Weltz recently wrote a blog post describing all of the different advertising options available on Facebook. The last one he mentioned was the Promoted Post, where you pay to promote your Facebook Page posts to ensure they get the greatest reach possible. But what if there is a specific type of new customer that you want to attract? And what if the types of things you naturally post on your Facebook page don’t resonate with that new audience, or the messaging used to gain that new audience isn’t relevant to your current audience?

Enter the Unpublished Post!

An Unpublished Post is exactly what it sounds like: a post that never gets published to your Facebook page. You can create these Unpublished Posts in Facebook Power Editor and promote them to the Facebook world. Unpublished Posts provide the answers to my rhetorical question in the first paragraph by…

#1 Giving You More Targeting Options When you promote your natural Facebook posts, the first option you have is to promote it either to your current audience or to new people you choose through targeting. While this is nice, the targeting options are rather limited as they only include location, age, gender, and language. On the other hand, Unpublished Posts have many more targeting options. You can target friends of your current audience, as well as users by interests, relationship status, education level, etc. These options allow you to get even closer to that target demographic you are trying to reach.

Facebook Promoted Post Targeting

#2 Allowing You to Test Different Messaging Sometimes you just need to say the same thing in different ways. Promoting Unpublished Posts gives you this flexibility. As you begin to target specific audiences, you can customize the messaging and imagery to suit each of them by promoting a new Unpublished Post.  You can also use the same approach on your current audience; test different types of messaging and imagery to see what your audience responds to the best. All in all, Unpublished Posts give you a lot of flexibility, so go crazy with them if you wish. However, in all of your adventures, don’t forget to keep posting quality content naturally! Have you ever used Unpublished Posts? What are some of the ways you have used them? Feel free to share in a comment below or reach out to me on Twitter and Google+!

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