The Government Goes Google

By Amanda Sides | Sep 25, 2009
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With so much going on these days in the world of search, so much progression and innovation, you typically wouldn’t lump the terms “Google” and “Government” together in the same pile. However, in recent weeks, that has become quite the contrary. The government has “gone Google” with Google Public Sector.

Google Public Sector

With campaign strategies of now President Barack Obama, we were already starting to see more integration between internet innovations and the government. Google for the Public Sector will be a haven of suggested links/apps that will promote government transparency and instigate citizen participation. Both aspects make it a win-win: the government gets more out of the nation, and the people get more transparency from the government.

Ben Par from Mashable describes Google Public Sector as “essentially a directory and information site that helps city, state, and national government agencies and organizations coordinate, promote, and work more efficiently.”

One example of how Google for the Public Sector has changed things is through the All for Good site. In a nutshell, All for Good is a directory that helps volunteers find ways to help out in their community. Now that the Google Public Sector has launched, the site will include information that Google Public Sector has pulled from crawling partner sites such as Volunteer Match. This will allow the site to be updated more frequently. These small changes will provide better search quality for users. From the Google Public Sector blog : “Nonprofits should start seeing their opportunities indexed faster, and users should see more relevant and complete results.”

To find out how the government is becoming more transparent and creating more awareness, visit and the official Google Public Sector Blog.

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