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By Renee Revetta | Sep 24, 2009
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Twitter has official Trademark violation and attribution guidelines.  Their trademark rules include info about cybersquatting and their attribution guidelines refer to one of Twitter’s most coveted features: the retweet.

Twitter’s Trademark policy states:

Accounts with clear INTENT to mislead others will be immediately suspended; even if there is no trademark infringement, attempts to mislead others is tantamount to business impersonation.

As more companies realize Twitter’s potential and attempt to claim their usernames, some brands may find their name is already taken.  If your company is enduring a trademark violation on Twitter, check out the rest of the guidelines first before reporting anything.  Then you can submit a request from the Twitter Support home page.

And how about those people that retweet a post without attribution?

Twitter states:

1. Re-posting others’ updates, regardless of stating authorship, is a potential form of spam.
2. Re-posting others’ updates as one’s own without giving credit to the original author is tantamount to plagiarism.

With Project Retweet in the works, this likely won’t be as big of an issue in the future as the “official retweet will be more like marking something as a favorite” according to a Mashable article.

Have an example of a Twitter cybersquatting case?  Do you think “Project Retweet” will solve some retweet issues?

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