Top 5 Keys to Integrating Search and Social Media Marketing

By Renee Revetta | Apr 21, 2010
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Search Mojo webinars are back! Tomorrow, Avelyn Austin and I will present a free webinar, “Top 5 Keys to Integrating Search and Social Media Marketing” explaining how social media is affecting organic search today. From my standpoint as a social media specialist and from Avelyn’s perspective as an account manager, we’ll provide a well-rounded approach. Make sure to sign up below – the webinar will begin at 2:00p.m. EST tomorrow.

We’ll review:

  • A brief description of how search engines work
  • How social media currently impacts SEO
  • What social media profiles you should set up for maximum SEO benefit
  • How to monitor social media most efficiently
  • Tips on how to use social media to increase your organic rankings

Our president and CEO, Janet Driscoll Miller’s two cents:

In conjunction with keywords, content editing and link building, social media is now the fourth leg of the SEO table. Social media provides the capability to respond in an actionable way with inbound linking efforts and helps increase site traffic with the viral nature of social networks. Search and social are fast becoming inseparable and will surely continue to fuse as the industry grows.

So if you’re a marketing manager, work in online marketing, are a public relations professional or are just curious to learn more about how search and social work together, we hope you’ll join us.

You can register on our website or on Facebook. For more info, you can email Also feel free to send your questions to me –@ReneeRevetta or @AvelynAustin before, during and after tomorrow’s webinar!

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