Top 8 Features on Our LinkedIn Advertising Wish List

By Sarah Wyland | Nov 5, 2013
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We’re big fans of LinkedIn Advertising here at Search Mojo. It gives us the opportunity to target a very niche audience and also gives us the chance to build unique remarketing lists to use on Google AdWords. As much as we love LinkedIn, however, we can admit that there are a few features it lacks.

I took a poll of my fellow Search Mojo’ers, and in no particular order, here is our LinkedIn Wish List, just in time for the holidays.

LinkedIn Advertising Wish List

Conversion Tracking

With the help of Google Analytics, we can tell if our LinkedIn Ads are converting. But how great would it be if we could see exactly what was converting – such as which groups, skills, seniority, etc? We would be able to glean better and more actionable data from conversion tracking and spend budgets on what we know works.

Ad Scheduling

For one reason or another, just like on AdWords, we often find that some ads work best during different times of day. Some ads don’t perform well on the weekend and some are only valid for a certain time frame. Right now, we have to go into the platform and turn ads on and off manually, even if it’s a weekend or a holiday.


Targeting Tool

As mentioned, we love the targeting options with LinkedIn. However, when we’re determining our ad targeting and want to estimate the audience size, we have to essentially create a ‘fake’ ad to narrow down our targeting options and make this estimation. A standalone tool that allows us to do this without creating fake ads would streamline the process.

And on a targeting note, the ability to copy and paste pre-assembled targeting without having to type it all in once its approved by clients would be excellent.

Self-Serve Ads

We have a lot of options with LinkedIn, but we would love the option of a self-serve ad too. The LinkedIn Ads we build now aren’t all that sophisticated – upload an image, add some copy and a link and we’re done. We can also sponsor updates, but we’d welcome the opportunity to do even more.

Static Date Ranges & Easier Budget Adjustments

If you have multiple accounts and are looking at data over a period of time, you figure out pretty quickly that the date range does not remain the same as you switch between accounts the way it does in AdWords. When pulling month-end stats or simply checking budgets, it would streamline the process if the date range was static across all accounts.

On a similar note, we do budgets for each client daily at Search Mojo and adjust bids accordingly. While this is more or less a one-click process in Google AdWords, each campaign involves multiple clicks in LinkedIn. When adjusting bids across multiple campaigns, a whole lot of clicking goes on.

Targeting Exclusions

There was a wave of excitement among my accounts team a few weeks ago when we realized we could do certain exclusions in LinkedIn. That excitement died quickly when we realized it was only for Sponsored Updates. While we work to find the best targeting options for our clients, there are times when excluding a skill, seniority level or even certain groups would prove beneficial. This may be one of our No. 1 desires as LinkedIn advertisers.


We use labels in Google AdWords to organize our accounts and keep track of changes. The opportunity to do this in LinkedIn would make things a lot cleaner when we log into LinkedIn, especially when more than one team member may enter the account in a given day.

So LinkedIn Santa, if you’re listening, the Search Mojo team has been pretty good this year…

What would you like to be able to do in LinkedIn that you can’t already? Let me know by leaving a comment or tweeting me @Sarah_Wyland!

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