Tuesday’s Top Five: Top Five FREE (or Low-Cost) SEO Tools We Like

By Janet Driscoll Miller | Mar 20, 2007
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Honestly, I just couldn’t list ten this week, so I decided to just list my top five. So, from the home office in Charlottesville, Virginia, it’s Tuesday’s Top Five: The Top Five Free or Low Cost SEO Tools We Like:

5. Yahoo! Search Marketing Keyword Suggestion Tool
I’ve tried many products for keyword discovery and research — WordTracker, Keyword Discovery, and more — but the best tool I’ve found is still Yahoo!’s Keyword Suggestion Tool. And, it’s FREE. I’ve done some comprehensive research to compare this tool with others, and 100% of the time, Yahoo!’s tool provides better keyword results, across ALL engines. So save some money and use this tool! Cost: FREE

4. Yahoo! Site Explorer
If you’re like me, you’re always trying to find out how many links your client has or their competition. Unfortunately, Google does not give accurate link counts, but rather a sampling of links (by their own admission). But the Yahoo! Site Explorer tool provides great insight into inbound links and has been one of the best tools we’ve found for this task. Cost: FREE

3.  GoRank Keyword Density Tool
Keyword density (the percentage of times a keyword appears in the total page content) can be difficult to calculate. GoRank provides a great tool to analyze your page, those of your competitors, or those of the top ten results in Google. It’s a great tool to use to target what your keyword density should be and then to reach that target. Cost: FREE

2. WebPosition
Still the industry standard for checking rankings, WebPosition makes rank monitoring simple and automated. Cost: Starts at $149.

1. Free Web Submission’s Link Popularity Checker
Just a cool tool. Period. Free Web Submission’s Link Popularity Checker creates a table, showing, across engines, how many inbound links each engine identifies that you have for your site. You can analyze up to three URLs at a time, and the checker shows a spectrum, with other websites, so that you can gauge how your quantity of inbound links stacks up against other websites. Cost: FREE

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