Twitter Advertising: Is it Good for You?

By Blaine Anderson | Jan 14, 2014
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Twitter-adsJust like my colleague, Matt Weltz, I’ve been intrigued by Twitter Ads and how it would influence the digital demand generation industry. He recently shared his list of pros and cons about Twitter advertising.  After running my first Promoted Tweet campaign, I have one thought to add to his: be careful about how you use it.

The root of my concern lies in the pay per engagement model. Paying for every engagement means that you pay anytime someone interacts with your tweet. This includes favorites, retweets, follows, and clicks. (Twitter defines clicks for promoted tweets as, “…clicks on the URL (shortened or regular links), profile pic, screen name, username, detail, hashtags and faves.”)

I’m not particularly fond of this model because not all of these engagement actions are going to be the same value to my client, and some might be of no value at all. In the example below, in my Twitter feed I see a promoted tweet from a retargeting company.

Twitter Ad Screenshot 1

By simply clicking on the tweet to see this expanded view, this company is charged for a click.

Twitter Ad Screenshot 2

From there, a user may or may not perform any other engagement actions. If they do, the big question you have to ask yourself is, “how often do these actions lead to a sale?

As with all forms of advertising, you should carefully analyze whether or not Twitter will be a good platform for you. First, determine what the purpose of your tweets are, and determine an ROI goal for promoting them. Then, make sure you only promote those tweets that will help you accomplish those goals, or create tweets specifically for that purpose. For some companies, Twitter advertising can be great! For others, Twitter may not be the best option for advertising.

What ideas do you have for using Twitter ads? Have they been effective for you?

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