Use Newsfeed Ads for Better Facebook Performance

By Sarah Bonner | Dec 30, 2013
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Facebook NewsfeedIf you’re interested in lowering your costs-per-click and costs-per-lead, and raising conversion rates in your Facebook campaigns, you may want to consider launching Newsfeed Post ads. If you’re not advertising on Facebook yet, you should be, and Facebook ads are a great way to get your product in front of millions of people.

There are two main ad formats to use for Facebook advertising: Newsfeed Post ads and right side ads. Right side ads are the original format and Newsfeed ads are relatively new. Some businesses may not have utilized Newsfeed post ads on Facebook, maybe because they are more challenging to manage than right side ads or they’re not sure how the new ads will perform. While it does take a little more work to launch and manage them, Newsfeed ads are worth testing. We have seen this ad type perform just as good as, if not exponentially better, than right side ads.

Since Newsfeed posts are featured in your target audience’s news feed, potential customers may be more likely to actually notice and click on your ad. Facebook ads tend to have low click-through rates, but for one successful Search Mojo client, Newsfeed ads had an 80% higher CTR than their right side counterparts. For me, I find that I am much more likely to click on a Newsfeed ad, mainly because I notice it more and it seems less like an ad than the obvious ads on the right side. Look at the ads pulled from my Newsfeed below. Which would you rather click on?

Newsfeed Post Ads

Newsfeed post ads are also beating right side ads in terms of cost-per-click and cost-per-conversion. We’ve seen cost-per-click numbers for right side ads come in about 10% higher than Newsfeed ads. For the same client, Newsfeed post ad costs-per-lead are around 200% less than the costs-per-lead of right side ads, as shown in the chart below. Not only is cost-per-lead lower for that client, but conversion rates for their Newsfeed ads are almost 60% higher than the right side ads.

News Feed Cost Per Lead

If you aren’t using Newsfeed posts, it is definitely time to try them out. They are easier to launch now with new Facebook updates to Power Editor. While this format may not be perfect for every business, it is important to see how Facebook advertising can line up with your individual business goals.

Are you interested in Newsfeed Post ads? Tweet any comments or questions to me on Twitter @smb1213.

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