Landing Page Testing – If You Test It, Leads Will Come

By Avelyn Austin | Sep 17, 2009
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Behind every well converting pay per click campaign is a good landing page test. In a recent landing page test the Search Mojo team helped a Project Management Software company increase its leads by conducting various landing page tests.  Using the company’s assets, such as whitepapers and videos, multiple landing pages were created to determine the most enticing offer.

Whitepaper Offer – The first offer the Search Mojo team tested was a Free Whitepaper given to individuals who filled out a simple information form. Although the whitepaper offer proved to convert relatively well the Search Mojo team was not convinced that it was the best offer. Thus, the whitepaper landing page conversion results (number of people who filled out the form to receive the free whitepaper) served as the baseline or benchmark for the next offer based landing page test.

Video Offer – The next offer the Search Mojo team experimented with was a Free 3-Minute Video that introduced the company, its products, and how they have helped their clients. Again individuals only received the 3-Minute Video after filling out the information form.  To test which landing page offer (the whitepaper or the video) resulted in the highest number of conversions, 50% of searchers were shown the whitepaper landing page while the other 50% of searches were shown the video landing page.

During the testing period the video landing page resulted in 373% more conversions than the whitepaper landing page.

Video Landing Page Conversions

After deciding that the video landing page was clearly the better converting offer, the Search Mojo team began showing the video landing page 100% of the time. When comparing a time period during which the whitepaper landing page was shown 100% of the time to a time period during which the video landing page was shown 100% of the time, the video landing page received 300% more conversions than the whitepaper landing page!

**Although this posts makes a strong case that video landing pages are the optimal offer to use when enticing searchers to provide their contact information it may not always be the case. Because all industries and companies are different it is always best to test test test when it comes to your landing pages and offers.

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