WEBINAR: Get More Leads from Search with Marketing Automation

By Kari Rippetoe | Oct 16, 2012
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Get More Leads from Search with Marketing AutomationThere are so many tools out there for managing different marketing activities – email, social media, search marketing, landing pages, the list goes on and on. We jump back and forth between tools all day, pulling information from one and importing it into another. Marketing automation software, however, is designed to make these marketing activities and any lead generation and lead management efforts more efficient and effective for B2B marketers. Not only will it streamline your work, marketing automation can also improve your lead generation from activities like search marketing. Who wouldn’t want that?

Join us this Thursday, October 18th at 2:00 p.m. ET for a free webinar, Get More Leads from Search with Marketing Automation. Janet Driscoll Miller, President & CEO of Search Mojo, will review how to improve lead generation with marketing automation, including ways you can incorporate search, social advertising, and targeted landing pages with marketing automation to engage more leads. You’ll also learn:

  • Ways that marketing automation can improve quantity of leads
  • Gating valuable assets while also making them accessible for SEO
  • Techniques to drive more form fills
  • Different options available for marketing automation software

If you’re considering using marketing automation software, Janet will go through some of the options that are out there to help you make a decision. Even if you’re already using marketing automation software,  this webinar will give you some ways to pull more value from what you’re using.

UPDATE 10/22: Did you miss the webinar last week? Watch “Get More Leads from Search with Marketing Automation” in its entirety here! Check out the preview below:

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