Webinar Synopsis: Top 10 PPC Advertising Tips for Killer PPC Results

By Avelyn Austin | Feb 24, 2010
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Yesterday I tuned into the “Top 10 PPC Advertising Tips for Killer PPC Results” webinar presented by David Szetela, CEO of Clix Marketing.  Szetela started off his presentation by telling attendees that he was faced with the task of not only coming up with 10 Top PPC Advertising Tips, but coming up with 10 NEW Top PPC Advertising Tips to share.  So what were Szetela’s Top 10 PPC Advertising Tips for Killer PPC Results?  Here’s your chance to find out…

Szetela’s Top 10 PPC Advertising Tips for Killer PPC Results

1. Day-Parting with Bing Data:

Many times search marketers rely on their intuition when it comes to scheduling their ads (i.e. “Customers won’t purchase my product at night time so I’ll pause my ads at night”).  Szetela says that everything should be based off of some sort of data and now with the Microsoft Adcenter interface marketers have the ability to run reports broken down by the hour to determine when conversions are occurring.

Szetela also says that although Google and Bing users may have their differences it is safe to assume that Google users convert during the same times and therefore your ad scheduling findings may also be used on Google AdWords.

2. Ads at the Top of Gmail

The next top PPC tip was related to placement advertising on Gmail.  More specifically, advertising not on the side of a Gmail message, but at the top of a Gmail message.  To do this target this placement,  add the Placement ad group <mail.google.com> Inbox Top Center.

3. New AdWords User Type

In the past there has been only two types of account access that a user can be given:  Standard (administrative) and reports.  AdWords now has a “Email Only Access” which will allow users of this access level to receive emails from Google AdWords about:  ways to improve the account, newsletters, Google market research, and special offers.

4. New Conversion Optimizer Feature

Under the AdWords Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) Model Szetela suggests using the Target CPA pricing which allows you, the advertiser, to tell AdWords the average amount you’d like to pay for each acquisition/conversion vs the maximum amount you’re willing to pay per acquisition/ conversion.

5. View Through Conversions

The view through conversions “count a conversion when there is no content ad click but a conversion did occur within 30 days of the last display ad impression”.  Although Szetela feels that this is a pertinent measure of success he warns that the information is most likely only 50% accurate.

6. Focus Change History

Use the filter option within the Change History tool to find the change you’re looking for faster.  Change History results may be filtered by changes made only to ads, keywords, budget, status, etc. or even a combination of the choices.

7. New AdWords Keyword Tool

The new keyword tool in AdWords allows the advertiser to narrow down the keyword results by categories.  Not only may this help organize the good suggested keywords into campaigns and ad groups, but also increase the number of negative keywords you may find for the account, campaign, or ad group.

8. New AdWords Placement Tool

The new AdWords Placement Tool allows advertising more ways to filter to find appropriate placement sites.  Szetela also noted that the old AdWords Placement Tool seemed to show only a percentage of sites available while the new tool seems to be showing all available sites for placement.

9. AdWords Sitelinks Ads

Now you can add sitelinks to your paid advertisements on Google.  In order to be qualified to add sitelinks your ad must show at the top of the page.  Unlike the organic listing sitelinks, the advertiser may choose what the Title or Anchor Text says as well as the destination URL (character limits do apply).  Advertisers may choose up to 10 sitelinks, however, only 4 will be shown within each ad.

Google indicates that adding sitelinks to paid advertisements may increase your Click Through Rate (CTR) by an average of 30%; however, Szetela’s research has shown that adding sitelinks may increase CTR by 60 – 100%!

10. New AdWords Graph

And finally, Szetela spoke on the new ways to segment the campaign/ad group graphs shown at the top of the AdWords interface.  He recommends using this tool to better segment the data to determine how to best optimize conversions or goals of the account.

To find out more about David Szetela follow him on Twitter @Szetela or check him out at SES New YorK March 22-26, 2010.

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