What Are the Pros and Cons of Google AdWords Ready Creatives?

By Nicole Bandy | Oct 29, 2013
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According to the graph below from marketingcharts.com, display and online banner advertising remains as one of the top digital ad formats in terms of revenue. Google recently added a new tool in Adwords that makes creating these formats easier for advertisers, called Ready Creatives.


Ready Creatives, a combination of Ready Image Ads and Ready Ad Gallery, automatically creates image ads based on a url you provide. AdWords scans the webpage and uses an image, headline and logo from your page and then provides you an endless number of formats to choose or edit as you wish.

For busy or resource-strapped businesses and marketers, this may be a dream come true – but is it too good to be true? After testing out the tool myself, here are a few pros and cons of using Google Ready Creatives:


Google Ready Creatives is most beneficial for advertisers who haven’t started advertising in the Display Network yet or have previously lacked the resources to create display banners. The tool makes the process of developing banner ad formats quicker and easier than ever.

More pros:

  • Over 14 arrangements and  8 editing options to choose from
  • Easy to build button color tests – just duplicate the ads and change the button color
  • Good for building singular product ads
  • Doesn’t cost anything or require image editing software


The biggest disadvantage of Google’s new Ready Creatives is the lack of opportunity to show ads on mobile devices. There are only 6 ad sizes available with Ready Creatives and only one of those sizes is capable of showing on mobile devices. With mobile becoming more important, this would be an issue for advertisers.

Another negative I think is important to mention is that with greater accessibility to the Display Network, there is greater competition for ad space among advertisers. The implications of this are higher bids and higher costs per click on the Display Network as a whole.

A few other negatives:

  • Google may not follow your company’s branding guidelines in terms of font, effects and exact colors – so if your company brand guidelines are strict, you  should consider investing in creating display banners yourself that you can completely customize.
  • The ads are not generated perfectly and most of the formats require some editing just to make all the components fit in the ad space.

To sum it up, advertisers may or may not find Ready Creatives useful, but it all depends on their end goals. If you are looking to start Display Advertising and simply take advantage of the more advanced targeting that Display Campaigns provide, then this tool will help you. If you are looking to optimize your current Display Campaigns or take advantage of mobile advertising opportunities, Ready Creatives may not have a lot to offer.

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