What Are You Giving #MarketingThanks For?

By Kari Rippetoe | Nov 27, 2013
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#marketingthanksAh, Thanksgiving. That one day of the year where we cook, eat, watch football and prepare for the full onslaught of marketing messages that encourage us to BUY MORE STUFF in preparation for the next holiday where we’ll cook, eat and watch football. Hidden amongst all the leftovers and Black Friday ads (and Cyber Monday, oh and Small Business Saturday) is the real reason for the holiday – giving thanks for everything we’ve been blessed with (hence the name THANKS-GIVING).

As a marketer, I think I take for granted the things – the people, the platforms – that ultimately make my job easier. So I decided to tweet about those things with a special hashtag, #marketingthanks, and I asked some of my colleagues to tweet what they were thankful for as marketers. Here are a few of the things we’re giving #marketingthanks for this year (and feel free to tweet a few yourself!):

What do you give #marketingthanks for? Go ahead – tweet about it!

From all of us here at Search Mojo, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

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