What's this? A Promoted Trend?

By Renee Revetta | Jun 17, 2010
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When I first started this post, my intent was to share the first Promoted Tweet I had actually seen (that wasn’t a screen shot in a blog post). However, as I checked into it I realized Twitter had fooled me. Did they get you, too?

This is actually a Promoted Tweet, that is part of a Promoted Trend – just introduced this week.  As you’ll see later in the post, there are different variations of the Promoted Tweet. And note that they’ve all appeared in the same top spot in the real-time results for Toy Story 3 – they swap out and interchange over time.

I initially saw the first tweet under Trending Topics, with the “Promoted” icon next to it.   This is the first I’ve seen of Twitter’s global test for Promoted Trends. And of course, there’s no concrete duration of the test. Currently, Promoted Trends should be appearing to all users on Twitter.com.

From Twitter:

Users who click on a Promoted Trend can follow Twitter conversations on that topic, with a persistent Promoted Tweet from the advertiser appearing at the top of the search results page. Tweets on the search results page for Promoted Trends are unfiltered, open and authentic. Tweets which violate Twitter’s spam and abuse policy will be deleted.

For more information, here’s Twitter’s reference page for Promoted Tweets and Trends. Were you aware of Promoted Trends? Let’s talk about it on Twitter. Find me @ReneeRevetta.

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