Hey Twitter: Where are my @ Replies?!

By Renee Revetta | Sep 14, 2010
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Today I was checking my @ replies to find out who was involved in a discussion I had on Twitter about tracking RTs – I couldn’t remember their name off the top of my head, sadly. The image shows the results I got as I reviewed my @replies. As you can see the replies jump from Sept. 8 to Aug. 9 to May 24, then to Feb. and Dec…that helps me a lot (not). I had conversations with at least a hundred people between September and December. Come on, Twitter…could you try to be just a little consistent and at least show me my information for the past 2 months properly? When data I’m searching for is randomly missing, I am not a happy camper.

My advice about tracking RTs follows, since I couldn’t directly contact them on Twitter… :/

Check out Topsy. If you type in “RT @YourTwitterID” and select last month, you’ll see how many RTs you had. Make sure you use quotation marks around your search phrase. You’ll get results that include @ mentions if you don’t.  There are definitely some negatives with Topsy, but it might be better than nothing. Your best bet would be to conduct an advanced search where you can enter a specific time period for your search. When comparing the data from Topsy to the data we collected with our internal monitoring system, I found that it doesn’t exactly match up. That’s the topic for another blog post all together: precise monitoring for social media. Anyway, hopefully this info reaches the person I’m trying to help out…

Are some of your @ replies missing, too?

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