Why You Should Care About Landing Page Optimization

By Jordan Blair | May 3, 2018
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Focusing optimization efforts on pre-click marketing, or the act of attaining targeted traffic, is what most marketers think of when the word “optimization” gets mentioned. landing page optimizationThis entails making constant adjustments to campaigns through a huge variety of demographic or behavioral variables in order to improve the rate in which the campaign achieves its goal. It is understandable why most marketers obsess over this part of marketing. It is creative, challenging, and you can often see results almost immediately.

But, how are you convincing that well targeted user that the offer you are presenting is worthwhile? Are you adjusting the post-click marketing, also referred to as landing page optimization, with the same vigor? It is easy to get so focused in on pre-click marketing that post-click marketing seems like a distant priority.

While there are nearly endless landing page optimizations that you can make, here are a few areas where you can start.


Messaging is critical to keeping a user engaged on a page and to encourage them towards taking action on your site. But how do you communicate what makes your product great? Do you focus on what your products bring to the table or do you compare your features, pricing, etc. to a competitor? Do you know that the way you’ve chosen to communicate is the most effective? Testing variations of messaging can be hugely beneficial.

An example of this is with one of our clients where the landing page messaging had always focused on their product’s features. A new landing page was created that showed a price comparison to competitors and increased the lead conversion rate by 22% while reducing cost-per-lead by 18%.

Technical Elements

Technical elements are also worth digging into. For one, page load speed is critical. How many users are dropping off before a page even loads because it is taking too long?

Slow page load times is like flushing money down the toilet. If your page load times are bad enough, a third or even half of the ad clicks you pay for may never even make it to your site. This is especially important to think about when advertising on social media, which is a highly mobile audience.

Speaking of mobile…it is important to consider how mobile friendly your page is. Nothing turns users off to a mobile page as much as when it is not mobile-responsive. Ask these five questions about your page:

  1. Are clickable elements too close together?
  2. Is content wider than the screen?
  3. Is text too small to read?
  4. Is the viewport set?
  5. Does the page use flash?


It is also important to look at what page elements are distracting the users from taking an action. One common pitfall I see is “conversion greed,” meaning that sometimes marketers want to put numerous conversion actions on a page. This can lead to a user being confused as to what the purpose of the page is. Have one main conversion action and possibly a second less-prominent conversion action, but that’s it!

Secondly, is there a video on the page? Is that helping to educate the user or is it distracting them from the conversion action? A/B Test with an image to find out.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, identify what links are causing users to leave the page without taking action. One major way users leave a landing page is through the page navigation at the top of a landing page. Recently, we had a client who had wanted to use an informational page on their site as a lead generation landing page. After realizing how many users where navigating away from the page through the navigation, we created an alternative landing page that removed the navigation. That change alone resulted in a 70% decrease in cost-per-lead and a 213% increase in lead conversion rate.


While this article just scratches the surface of what can be done through landing page optimization, I hope that the examples provided show that by putting some effort into your post-click marketing you can see huge performance improvements.

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