Yahoo Looks to Mobile for Growth

By Amanda Sides | Dec 4, 2009
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Lately, all everyone can talk about is the dramatic growth of the mobile industry … Google has already tapped into that market, and now Yahoo has announced they will focus on growing mobile users to draw in more advertisers.

Since the deal back in July with Bing, Yahoo’s been on the decline. Tad Miller just posted on their downward spiral earlier today with Searchers Gave Up on Yahoo after Yahoo Gave Up on Them. With all the press around Yahoo’s diminishing following, they have announced they are looking to mobile to jump start some growth.

Yahoo’s mobile advertising business, while small, has seen substantial growth, and the company is focused on boosting the number of mobile users as a way to attract more advertisers, Hilary Schneider, executive vice president of Yahoo North America, said at the Reuters Global Media Summit in New York. – Reuters

Yahoo’s Hilary Scneider has publicly stated that she believes that the ad market has already hit bottom, and is now behind us. If this turns out to be true, then it’s great news for the advertising industry.

With growing numbers of mobile users, more people are looking to advertise on mobile networks. Yahoo will try to attract more advertisers to take advantage of this quickly growing industry. Will this help pull them out of their slump? Or will it simply be another struggle that will ultimately lower the dollar amount when the deal with Microsoft goes down?

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